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Everyone’s favorite father, John Witherspoon a.k.a “Pops” a.k.a “Granddad” has given Boondocks fans the news they’ve all been waiting for!!! In an interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ he announced that, the beloved series, The Boondocks, will be making a comeback!

Witherspoon stated that The Boondocks is currently in pre-production for a brand new season. However there is no word yet if producers Brian Ash, Carl Jones, and creator Aaron McGruder are involved in the new season.

Regina King, who voices both Riley and Huey on the animated series, has made it clear on multiple occasions in interviews that she is on board whenever the show was to return. 

During his chat with Rogan and his fellow-comedian son, JD Witherspoon, John also discussed how he came about landing his role on another popular Aaron McGruder Show, ‘Black Jesus’. 

So much has happened since the last season of ‘The Boondocks’ in 2014! A whole 5 years has passed us by. Make sure you tune in to see what cultural antics the show covers for season 5!!

John Witherspoon at Helium STL

Source: Helium Comedy Club STL

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