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If the strike doesn’t end before school goes back in session, what will schools do?

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That is the question the Columbus City School board is brainstorming on. Tuesday the board voted to spend $50,000 on a consulting firm to create a plan in case teachers say enough is enough.

Teachers with the Columbus Education Association says building repairs, lack of technology, heating and cooling problems and even rodent control are on the list of demands. Teachers stress all these and more can be improved if district starts spending money wisely.

An investment in our school librarians is an investment in the literacy of our students,” one librarian said. “What could be a more worthy investment? It’s certainly a better use of our public dollars than hiring unqualified scabs to cover our classrooms during a strike.”

Clearly, our hope is that Huffmaster’s services ultimately are unneeded and that there is no strike,” Board President Gary Baker said. “Obviously, it’s important to note the district and the union continue to negotiate in good faith and negotiations have continued on a very positive path.”

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