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Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta tonight centers largely around Yung Joc’s drama. The begins with Joc and Kendra finding out that the salon caught fire. It’s not completely burned down but there’s a lot of damage. It turns out that a stylist left a flat iron that was wrapped in a towel in a drawer while still on. Joc and Kendra are asking Sharonda who the stylist is that did it and they also feel that she as the manager is responsible. Sharonda is extremely defensive the entire time and even tries to blame Joc. Uh, he wasn’t even at the shop. He’s rarely at the shop, he’s more an investor. 

Anyway, Kendra makes a good point: With better leadership, probably would have happened. Sharonda didn’t like being called out but Kendra was right. 

Fast forward a bit. Shekinah is having a wine tasting with Sierra and Spice and eventually, Shekinah starts talking about Akbar’s antics at Kirk and Rasheeda’s relationship panel. Shekinah makes a smart comment about how Akbar should be home with her kids and that triggers Spice. So the convo shifts and Spice and Shekinah get into it. Mind you, Spice doesn’t even like Akbar, but Spice feels like Shekinah shouldn’t speak on anyone’s kids so she is oddly defending Akbar. But really, it’s because Spice has her own children and she’s sensitive about the fact that she’s not with them much due to work. Shekinah gets so annoyed with Spice that she walks out but Sierra steps in and gets the women back on one accord. Then Shekinah starts talking about how she loves kids, she loves her Godson but she had abortions because she knew she couldn’t take care of kids at the time. 

See what they did there? Hit us with the left field abortion talk to add a serious element. They’re in Georgia and Georgia passed a law to ban abortions so, yeah. The point Shekinah was trying to make was she wouldn’t know what she (or other women) would do if she was forced to have children she didn’t want or couldn’t take care of and that it’s scary that lawmakers are trying to intervene so much in women’s bodies. 

Then, Kendra gets with Joc’s babymamas, Alex and Sina. They all get along, but Sina is messy, and probably still has a thing for Joc. She couldn’t wait to tell Kendra the rumor she heard from Karlie about Joc messing with the girls in the salon and having sex with Sharronda. We know that Joc has wandering eyes and a wayward peen. We also know that he is an extreme flirt, but these claims about sex with certain people haven’t been substantiated. Kendra believes it though. So, when Joc picks her up she confronts him about it and Joc gets pissed when he finds out that she got her info from Sina, who got it from Karlie Redd. But it’s too late because Kendra said she’s done with him. 

Spice’s earlier incident with Shekinah made her reconsider her beef with Akbar since they can relate as moms who don’t see their children much. She visits Akbar at a fake studio session to hash out their differences and they’re actually successful. In fact, Spice suggests they do a song together because if they unite as a team then they’ll be stronger and they even hug it out. 

Let’s fast forward to the end of the episode when Joc confronts Karlie. Mind you, this is in the parking lot of KK’s book release party. Karlie is rushing to get home because apparently she’s back with Mo and trying to abide by his curfew. 

Anyway, Joc is pissed. Like, he’s usually pretty jovial, even when he’s upset, but this time he mad mad, it’s that low key, laid back kind of mad that’s kind of scary, and he demands to know why Karlie insists on messing with his livelihood. Karlie doesn’t seem remorseful at all, but Joc is tired of her causing problems in his life. Now, Joc never quite says that he didn’t do what he’s accused of, but we still have to give him the benefit of the doubt Anyway,  Karlie refuses to take responsibility for her actions and really just wants to get back to the man she was just complaining about in last week’s episode, and this conversation goes nowhere. 

Next week, Karlie will be involved in even more mess because we’ll be getting the results of her lie detector test. 


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