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Spirit Airlines has quite the PR disaster on their hands after it allowed a white passenger on a recent flight to flex her alabaster angst towards a fellow Black passenger. In a now-viral Facebook post, the woman blasted the woman for refusing to allow her to sit next to her on a flight but allegedly allowed a white woman to occupy the space.

Only known by the name Tiarra Tiarra, the woman shared in the Facebook post the sneering image of the woman who refused the seat and explained what went down and how poorly Spirit handled the moment.

From Facebook:

I board the Chicago flight and the open seat they gave me was next to a Russian woman, who refused to let me sit by her. Like refuses it to the point that she is arguing with the flight attendant about how she is not going to let me sit by her. Luckily there were other (white) people on the plane who chose to switch seats with me so I wouldn’t have to sit by her which she happily allowed. I have never experienced this before. I’m so upset that I couldn’t lay hands on this lady. So appreciative of the other passengers who just rallied around me , held my hand and really prayed with me.

Since the post blew up, Tiarra Tiarra is reportedly getting the issue handled behind the scenes with Spirit officials after the flight attendants really dropped the ball on this moment.

Tiarra Tiarra has since posted a follow-up message to folks who supported her during the horrible ordeal and addressed folks who said that she should have (rightfully) handed out the fade to the woman but instead took the high road.

Watch her response below.

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