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This week in the ATL a armored truck doors flew open and over $175k flew out and anyone with any sense jumped out and started to collect what the good lord

meant to be their’s lol that’s not all the way true but it worked for me. Because I know I would’ve been one of those people and I would’ve been one of those

people the police were talking about on the news it the ATL when they issued out a warning to anyone that got money off the freeway Atlanta PD or 12 said “If

the money is turned in, we will not criminally charge those who do the right thing,” Well I guess that’s nobody lol but as of this morning only two people have

returned money one man turned in $2100 and another man turned in $500 here’s my question to them why did you get out of your can and risk you life during

traffic to get that money just to give it back??? Doesn’t make any sense lol and on social media the Atlanta PD is calling for anyone that picked up cash and kept

the money , charges could include theft of lost or mislaid property and could be a felony or misdemeanor, depending on the amount. So with all of this pressure

on you would you keep it or nah???? Take the poll