This has to be one of the dumbest things to do in life , this “Number Neighbor” has people texting random people and leaving messages hoping to get a response. What your supposed to do is text a person who’s number is one off from your number and leave them a message, stupid right , well in the beginning everything was cool people were making new friendships and a couple of lol’s . And then things got real because all it takes is for the wrong right person to start playing this game and then all rule are out of the door. A woman from L.A. found this out the hard was after she began receiving death threats in a series of texts one of the threats said “You know i’m going to kill you right,” read one of the messages from the anonymous number. “Lifted black diesel truck. You’ll hear me. And if you don’t come outside, I’m coming in,” this is why you don’t go around texting random people because it’s all fun and games…….until it ain’t Full Story Here

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