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Source: Nia Noelle / Nia Noelle

In Ardman Ohio, a 6 month investigation into an 18-year-old in Ohio has landed in his arrest on charges of threatening to assault a federal law enforcement officer.

According to WJW, the investigation began in February, when agents found online comments from the teen supporting mass shootings.

According to court documents, the user posted a threat to assault federal law enforcement officers writing, “…shoot every agent on sight,” in a discussion about the Branch Davidian standoff in Waco in 1993.

Justin Olsen met with agents, and also gave written consent for a search of his car and bedroom, according to a probable cause warrant.

On August 7th, agents report they found 10,000 rounds of ammunition, camouflage clothing, camouflaged backpacks, 15 rifles and shotguns and 10 semi-automatic pistols.

Olsen faces one charge for the threat posted online.


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