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At 110 schools and 10 administrative buildings, cameras are watching in the Columbus City School District. IP camera upgrades are part of an increased security system and plan for the district for this upcoming school year. They can also look at license plates now also with the new cameras. In a separate office, staff members access the cameras that can peer into and around more than 100 buildings. At any given time we have the ability to see what’s going on in our school buildings, we have 5,000 cameras in the district,” Ward says. “Let’s just say if we had an unidentified person running through our school buildings, what we can quickly do is pull that school up and post on these cams. We can give real time information to security staff and building administrators.” 31 new security employees were hired to patrol elementary, middle and high schools for the upcoming school year. Keep up the good world Columbus public schools! safety is very important.