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Having daughters I worry about this alllllllll the time, not them sending nudes but receiving them from some random person in their phone or in their DM’s. Because these dudes are crazy out here and the stories I hear from my sisters , female family members and close friends are just bananas. They tell me time and time again how if they say hello to a guy on social media or liking a pic the next message they get is a penis pic and it happens outta nowhere . And most of the time they don’t even know the guy or it could be a guy they haven’t seen in years and this is the new way to say hello or to flirt . The study that was done at the University of Arizona by researcher Morgan Johnstonbaugh found that more women then men send nudes and she says that the reason that young people send nudes is due to” outside pressure to share and a desire for empowerment via sext ― in other words, sending a nude to boost their confidence” Full Story Here 

Have you ever send nudes?