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Ohio sports teams are having one hell of a time on the field, all of them except for our Buckeye’s who had a week off and are still sitting at #3 in the country and as long as they handle their business they should be of the 4 teams college playoffs at the end of the year. Our Bluejackets are holding their own and they have had some good wins but the losses are adding up and if we plan on making the playoffs this year we gotta get it together. And now for the worst of the worst, that would be the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns who only have 2 wins between the both of them. The Bengals might be the worst team in the league and this past week they sat down their starting QB which probably won’t help the Bengals might actually not win a game all season long. And the Browns were supposed to be one of the top teams in the NFL this year some experts even said that the Browns would actually make it to the Super Bowl just because of how much talent they had on paper but in the famous words of ESPN’s Chris Berman “That’s why they play the game” Because the Browns suck! They play like a bunch of individuals in a team sport, now this is the mid-point of the season and the Browns could turn it around but it’s Cleveland aka “The Mistake By The Lake” But we shall see.