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Kodak Black has not had an easy journey over the past few years. From stardom to lock down, Kodak has found himself in his fair share of bad situations.

The Florida native is currently fulfilling his latest prison sentence of 46 months in federal prison on weapons charges. Black admitted to lying on background check forms while buying multiple firearms in two different incidents earlier this year, and as a felon that decision is what got him locked up yet again.

This time around Black has taken to Instagram to detail to fans the ill-treatment he has become victim of. He feels is “celebrity” status is only causing him more harm than good.

In his post, he discusses being drugged with an unknown substance, being targeted in numerous fights, as well as being beaten badly by CO’s. He goes on to state how he hasn’t been able to mourn the loss of fellow rapper, Juice World either.

Many of us are aware that Kodak is no stranger to street life, but it is clear he is being mishandled behind bars. He says, “I want to shed this light on police brutality and the tactics they use to cover their behinds. #JUSTICEFORKODAK!”

Kodak Black

Source: Kodak Black

Source: Instagram/The Shade Room