One of the culture’s own is weeks away from making history.

Add Oscar nominee to battle rapper Ooop‘s resume as his documentary “St. Louis Superman,” was nominated for Best Documentary Short Subject.


The documentary gives viewers an in-depth look at Bruce Franks Jr.’s (legal name) community service, leadership during trying times in St. Louis like the Ferguson protests and his own journey with mental health. It is getting high praises of showcasing that black fathers matter and tries to abolish the stigma about them. The title of the film truly showcases how he is the modern-day Superman for his community in St. Louis.


I got the chance to chop it up with him more about the documentary, his time as a Missouri House Representative, his 2020 election pick and of course battle rap.


View below the breakdown of the interview by segments:

  • B Dot Battle (1:02 – 1:29)
  • Oscar Nomination/Documentary (1:33 – 10:52)
  • Politics (11:46 – 30:11)
  • Battle Rap (30:38 – 37:07)

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Source: Battle Rap Corner

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