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A luxury prison hotel you won’t want to escape from

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Team Roc and Yo Gotti are demanding better conditions for inmates in a Mississippi prison.

The recent headlines surrounding the deaths of nine inmates in the notorious Mississippi penitentiary has caused Team Roc and Yo Gotti to fight for justice and better conditions.

According to TMZ, Team Roc has shared leaked footage from the gruesome conditions in the prison. Videos and photos were taken from contraband phones from inmates. One of the photos includes what appears to be a knife fight between two inmates as well as individuals suffering injuries inside of filthy cells.

Yo Gotti was among one of the first to bring these issues to light.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves announced that he would shut down Parchman Farms, one of the sections of the prison.

“Governor Reeves’ plan to close down a Parchman prison unit that has caused devastating deaths is a necessary first step,” Yo Gotti said. “Beyond that, he must implement broader safety measures to address similar issues in other units and urgently provide inmates with medical attention. In the interim, we’re calling for the Department of Justice to step in, move the Parchman inmates to federal prisons and ensure their immediate well-being.”

Governor Reeves, however, complained about the contraband phones inside of the prisons, going as far as blaming the phones for the violence. However, it seems like he may have not been willing to shut down Parchman Farms if the pressure wasn’t applied by Team Roc.

Source: HotNewHipHop.com and TMZ.com