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Super Bowl weekend attracted many people down to the sunshine state for the celebratory game. Super Bowl 100 was held at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, which means Super Bowl weekend was super lit to say the least. From tourists to celebrities, many notables were in Miami for all the festivities.

Boxer, Gervonta Davis made sure to make it down for the fun. But looks like his weekend didn’t go all the way as planned. Complex reports Davis getting into an altercation with a woman while in Miami at a charity basketball game.

According to reports, Davis was at the charity game when the incident occurred with the woman. The woman was later found to be the mother of his child, Andretta Smothers. The ordeal was captured on video and in the clip you can see Davis approach Dretta, grab her near her neck and pull her out of her chair. The pair then moves off the court as he drags her towards an area out of the camera view.

Witnesses of the ordeal said Davis and Smothers started yelling at each other and it wasn’t clear who may have started the incident. Both were escorted out of the venue, and no one was arrested.

After the mayhem, Davis took to Instagram to share a statement regarding the incident. “I never once hit her,” Davis said. “Yeah I was aggressive and told her come on.” He continued, “That’s the mother of my child. I would never hurt her.”


Source: Youtube, Complex