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The third day of Black History Month is here, and one thing I love about this time of year is learning about my history, well our history I should say.

A lot of us our taught in school that Rosa Parks was the fort AfricanAmerican woman to refuse to give up her seat on a bus but actually there were a number of women who refuse to give up their seat, one being Claudette Colvin.

According to a fifth teen year old girl refused to move to the back of the bus, almost 10 months before the Rosa Parks stand launched the Montgomery bus boycott. Claudette was also thrown into jail and one of four women who challenged the segregation law in court.

In those times the NAACP felt as if Rosa Parks made a better icon for the movement then a young girl like Claudette, which is why her story was forgotten.

The struggle to end segregation was fought mainly by young people. For that we owe them all a respect that we can never pay except to live freely and truly to who we are.

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