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Bigg K brought out “paperwork” accusing Boom of snitching during a recent battle.

Now if you ask me, I grew up in the era that if you call somebody a snitch you better have paperwork to back it up. So when Bigg K brought out his receipts allegedly showing that Ahdi Boom had snitched to avoid major jail time, battle rap fans went crazy over it.

The battle between Bigg K and Ahdi Boom went down on Saturday on RBE‘s “Get Back” card. Tuesday we heard from the Guardians of the Culture (GOTC) announced that the battle between Boom and DNA was canceled. Many bloggers made accusations that it may be due to the snitching claims. Forcing DNA’s hand to confirm that this was the main reason why he decided to cancel the battle.



With his name getting dragged in the mud, Boom decided to make a statement about the snitching allegations.


Now, this is hard to determine if the paperwork that Bigg K presented is official or not. I asked some fans that were there and I couldn’t get a clear answer if the paperwork had the proper court seal or other indications that they are real. According to Rap Matics Boss Chick Raine, she says the paperwork is from a defendant that allegedly snitched on Boom.


How do you feel about the snitching allegations against Ahdi Boom? Let us know below!