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Oh, this is a good thing that has come out of the coronavirus pandemic. Apparently, the seriousness of this global disaster is making men want to finally start taking dating more seriously, according to a new survey.

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Apparently, there’s nothing quite like a global pandemic to make some people say, “Hey, maybe it WOULD be nice to be in a relationship.” According to PRNewswire, a new survey says that 40% of men say the pandemic has made them want to finally start taking dating more seriously.  That’s right:  Apparently coronavirus is a CURE for a fear of commitment. Look at God!!

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The survey also found that 61% of single people think it’s possible to start a romantic relationship during this time without getting together face-to-face and eight out of 10 say they won’t date someone who isn’t taking social distancing seriously. Another result from the survey that may be a good or a bad thing, almost one-third of single people have spoken with their ex since the pandemic started.

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