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Prayers are going out to Rickey Smiley and family. Over the holiday weekend his youngest daughter, Aaryn, was shot multiple times in Houston. Smiley shared what happened to his daughter on his radio show Monday morning. Currently, Aaryn is recovering in the hospital.

Apparently, the comedian’s daughter was on her way to grab food from a Whataburger in Houston, Texas and was caught in the cross hairs of a wrong place, wrong time situation.

“She was shot twice last night,” Smiley said. “I’m just so angry right now. I just made the video about the eight-year-old kid and my daughter going to Whataburger to get something to eat last night and I go to bed around about 8:30-9 o’clock, and I woke up to text messages.”

According to police reports, Aaryn was sitting at a stoplight and found herself in the crossfire of two people shooting at each other.

“But the fact that she’s laying up in the hospital and probably going to have to go into surgery…she’s crying, she’s scared. I can’t get to her, and I just hate it,” Smiley continued. “And all this stuff these people out here trying to do to fight for the rights of black people, this is no discredit to Black Lives Matter, because I believe that and I am with that movement, 110%, and one has nothing to do with the other. But there are some criminals in our community that we need to do something about. They are out here, not just my daughter, some kids didn’t make it- that eight-year-old kid did not make it, I’m ok with my daughter, she gonna be fine. But the two eight-year-old kids in Atlanta, the eight-year-old kid in Birmingham….think about all the parents that gotta go pick out a casket this morning.”

He went on to condemn the rapid black on black violence and expressed that we must continue to battle together pushing the Black Lives Matter movement.



Source: Baller Alert