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Sierra Gates

Source: Nathan Pearcy / Nathan Pearcy

Sierra Gates has the blueprint and she’s sharing it with aspiring beauty bosses who dream of owning their own beauty business or boutique.

You may know Gates from her role on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but if you’re from Atlanta, chances are you know her from her Glam Shop. Capitalizing on the micro-blading technique at the height of the trend, Gates provided her customers with unique brow service that transformed their appearance. Gates attributes her success to consistency. We caught up with the beauty boss and reality TV star, who is offering webinars to aspiring entrepreneurs while providing them tools to start their own businesses.

Sierra, you have made millions with your Glam Shop, what’s the secret to success in the beauty industry?

My secret is being consistent. I actually made it through my microblading. Personally, I’ve made a good amount with my shop. I would tell people to remain focused and stay down…Everything hasn’t been peaches and cream for me. I sacrificed a lot. I lost my car. I had to sacrifice not spending much time with my kids because I was always working. I had to put my business first because I had to know it was going to pay off in the long run. A lot of times people get discouraged when their business gets slow and get a job but you really have to know in your mind and have faith that you’re going to be successful one day. Many people said you’re having too many slow days, maybe this isn’t for you but I knew what I felt in my spirit and my soul. I just kept going with it.

Sierra Gates

Source: Nathan Pearcy / Nathan Pearcy

How did you make your first money in the salon?

I first started making money at 16. I needed money to take care of my daughter. I knew how to do makeup. I was in the mall and they wanted me to do a sample interview. Fortunately, one girl I went to school walked past and knew my background in makeup. I did her makeup and the lady hired me on the spot. I think it was all divine like it was supposed to happen the way it did. I didn’t have a job. I dropped out of school and didn’t tell anyone beside my best friend. What are the chances a random girl who happened to miss school that day was in the mall looking to get her makeup done.

How can aspiring entrepreneurs get to where you are in your career?

I would say marketing. You have to go 100% and be creative with marketing. People think that Instagram can do a lot for them, but bigger than Instagram. You have to use all fields of marketing. I still do mailers. If I only relied on Instagram to reach my goals and business, I don’t think I would be where I am now. Yes I’m on a show, but I still market my business door to door to everyday people like I’m not. I have this thing; I want to reach 100 people a day. I walk up to people and they say “I know you” and that’s fine, but let me tell you about my business. You still need to have great customer service as well. People know I have a shop but they need to know I do microblading, as well as currently helping women start their business during this pandemic. I need them to know everything I’m doing so their dollar is spent all around. I try to be nice and treat everyone with respect because you never know who you might meet again in life, or who you may need. Being nice is free.

Tell me about beauty courses you offer amid the coronavirus…

My beauty courses started as webinars showing people how to start a business. Then, a lot of people were coming to me saying they didn’t know where to start. I have a really good friend in China and she’s been helping me give out these bomb vendors lists. In doing so, I have helped over 500 people start their business and make money during this pandemic. I’m really excited about that, you know seeing all these people post their sales, daily earnings of 6-$7000 dollars. I’ve hired a team of 100 customer service representatives to help as well. Many people give out vendors lists and leave people hanging. I thought I was just going to give out the vendors list and that’s it. However, a lot of people don’t know how to communicate with the people in China or realize the time zone difference, and other business aspects. I wanted to provide them with additional resources.

How has being on reality TV helped your business and you?

It has helped me a whole lot. I always tell people I was a boss before television. It just gave me a bigger platform to promote more of what I’m doing. Reality TV helped me share my testimony and life story. I feel like I’ve reached so many young girls who’re going through similar situations and can relate. I am able to give them hope because a lot of them don’t have hope. It’s hard to be a young black girl from the hood. Nobody really pushes sales. Your momma tells you to go out and get a job, but she doesn’t say you can be a millionaire, or a doctor, or lawyer. This is a sensitive spot for me, the girls from my hood and girls that can relate to me. I make sure I push them to be a better person and let them know anything is possible.They can be bigger than me.

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