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We can all use a bit of help when it comes to saving our money and keeping it in the bank. I know for a fact I am not the only American who has a problem with spending money.

So I was glad when I came across this reading because we may all need a bit of guidance.

Dave Ramsey may be a familiar name and if so its because he is a well trusted American when it comes to money and business.

The money-management guru has doled out his signature blend of tough-love financial advice since 1992.

Here are the 10 Tips, on things you should never do with your Money.

  1. Don’t Try to Tackler Your Biggest Debt First
  2. Don’t buy with a credit card what you can pay for with cash
  3. Don’t buy a new car
  4. Don’t spend when you can invest
  5. Don’t go to a fancy college
  6. Dont splurge once you graduate
  7. Don’t try to justify frivolous purchases
  8. Don’t give your kids an allowance
  9. Don’t try to get rich too quickly
  10. Don’t buy an engagement ring from a jewelry store

If you want more in-depth detail on the 10 tips of things you should never do with your money, than click HERE

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