Today is the day, the culture is ecstatic about the Verzuz Battle with the Trap God Gucci Mane, and the Snow Man Jeezy gong it.

One thing I caught wind of was the crazy ass shade that people have been throwing against both artist. Comments said things like ” Oh Gucci Mane is going to win because he dress better, and has a black wife.” Other comments carried on that “Jeezy artist on his label flopped, while all Gucci Mane artist are taking off.”

Like damn can we at least start the battle with the MUSIC before we get into anything. Its a big deal because of the history of their beef. So of these two to step into the same room together, is a move in the right direction on both of their part.

Catch the Verzuz battle TONIGHT at 8p!

Beef Cooked?: Gucci Mane & Jeezy Facing Off On VERZUZ, Trap Rap Twitter Is Lit
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