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Mekhi is now around 5 months old and I am still breast feeding him. I love being able to give my son that liquid gold! Why have I chosen to breast feed, you might ask? Well for one a mothers milk gives your baby more than just good nutrition, it provides the most important substances to fight infection.

Breastfeeding has medical and psychological benefits for both of you!

Personally I want to ensure that Mekhi has a strong immune system, so if I eat right he is also eating right as well.

To continue my breast milk production, I do these things.

  1. Eat Oats
  2. Allow my son skin to skin contact
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Rest when I can
  5. Focus on some self-care

Now that he is 5 months he is also eating food, so I don’t pump as often as I use too, only when I need too. It helps to make sure he is full and sometimes when Im not with him I will supplement.

As long as your baby is happy and fed, do what you will. But keep in mind that Liquid Gold will not be found anywhere else except a mothers milk.

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