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It might be true to say that there is life after death. At least, there will be for the late Brooklyn rapper, Pop Smoke.

Pop was fatally shot earlier this year in Los Angeles, however, he explored the lengths of his talents and most definitely made an impact in more ways than one.

Details have not quite been laid out about his role in the film, nonetheless, the Brooklyn native will appear in Boogie, produced by Focus Features. The movie follows a talented basketball star from Queens, N.Y. with NBA dreams. He runs into conflict with his parents plans to attend a prestigious college and focus on academics.

The director of the film Eddie Huang, is not only making his debut, but had nothing but admirable things to say about Pop Smoke’s performance. He even went to say that Pop’s acting ability was truly captivating.

“Pop shows up to the audition—Palm Angels head to toe—and he’s just a kid, but he has the voice of 50 Cent and Paul Mooney,” the director said. “You can tell he’s weathered, he’s an old soul. Within two takes, you could see the swag just come out of nowhere. He explodes on camera. I stopped the audition right there. He can turn emotions on a dime. He could be funny. He can be mean. A lot of actors just don’t have the depth of emotion and experiences, but because of what Pop’s gone through, he has a tremendous well to draw from.”

Huang went on to say, “He gave me a thousand percent. They were tough 16-hour days, overnights, and he shot five overnights in a row. Kids were coming on the bridge to watch us shoot the scenes. We would play Pop’s record. All our actors, the extras, the kids on the bridge watching us shoot scenes, everyone was doing the Woo dance. It was pretty special.”

No release date has been set for Boogie but it’s safe to assume we can expect to see a stellar performance from Pop Smoke in the coming months.

Source: XXL