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YES Im excited because lord knows I have been waiting for my girl to drop an album. Its been four year since she dropped CTRL, that made every girl get in their feelings.

SZA tells Cosmopolitan that she is working on a project that is going to be the sh*t!

“This album is going to be the shit that made me feel something in my…[heart] and in [my gut],” SZA said. “That’s what’s going to go on the album. I’m making all different types of shit every day from different places in my spirit.”

To close the year, SZA dropped two singles in “Hit Different” and “Good Days.” When 2021 came around, she covered the February issue of Cosmopolitan and highlighted what will come this year.

I wonder who will this album be about in particular. She is good for making music about a woman who ha been hurt by a man but yet some way some how the own accepts it and carries on. On the other hand like Hit Different the woman still wants the man back even if he has moved on! Either way I cant wait!

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