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Did Da Baby Go Bop Upside Someone’s Head Again?


It’s no secret the rapper has no problem protecting himself but now there’s a new lawsuit from 64-year-old Gary Pagar who claims the Grammy nominated rapper assaulted him and took his phone. Apparently, Pagar owns a Runyon Canyon vacation rental home and is suing Da Baby after he allowed the 29-year-old rapper to rent the property but insisted, due to the pandemic, that no more than 12 people were allowed to be guest. Well it seems as though Mr. Pagar rolled back up to the crib and the ‘Suge’ rapper was shooting a video with 40 plus people in attendance.


In the legal document, Pagar states he was knocked to the ground by an unknown person. He also goes on to claims that Da Baby chased him into the house, warned him not to call the police, and then sucker-punched him in the mouth. The lawsuit also claims DaBaby knocked out a tooth as he was mocked, spat on and humiliated.


Da Baby and his team have yet to publicly comment.




Diva’s Daily Dirt: Did Da Baby Go Bop Upside Someone’s Head Again?  was originally published on kysdc.com