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Angie Ange is back with the SAN for the week — that’s “Silly Ass News” if you’re not familiar. Every week we find some of the wildest stories that make you go, “What is going on?!” and luckily we had a handful to choose from this time around.

This time around, we found some comedy in Tide’s plan to combat stinky space laundry and also reporting on a big win for the little old lady that lives in a Flintstone House.


The right to redecorate your crib to look like Bedrock ended in the favor of Ms. Wilma — err, we mean Ms. Florence Fang of California! — who took her case to court after getting complaints from neighbors. The now-infamous “Flintstone House” in Hillsborough is definitely a sight to see, which HeadKrack and Lore’l both agreed should be in Fang’s right to have on display. The court agreed as well, as she’s getting $125K in her case!

If you ever wondered how astronauts do laundry — actually, don’t! Just know that it’s normal procedure for them to wear their clothing until the smell is so ripe they have to throw it out. Thankfully for the environment and the noses of space crusaders everywhere, Tide is working with NASA to create some sort of intergalactic laundry service. Bless!

Watch Angie Ange’s latest “Silly Ass News” report for The Morning Hustle below to get some laughs in today:

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