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Showtime’s four-part docuseries We Need to Talk About Cosby releases official trailer ahead of its premiere. Writer and director W. Kamau Bell chronicles Bill Cosby’s descent from “America’s Dad” to alleged sexual predator.

The documentary series directed by Bell wrestles the conversations that surfaced from the #MeToo movement, focusing on Cosby’s favorite tv dad persona to alleged sex craved manipulator. The series sits down with comedians, journalists and Cosby survivors, who have a candid, first of its kind conversation about the man, his career and his crimes.

The trailer opens with a young woman saying, “do not edit this.” She continues with, “A lot of people knew, because you can’t do what he did unless you have other people supporting what you’re doing.”

Other familiar faces in entertainment and media chimed in with their thoughts on the unsettling matter. Roland Martin speaks to the significance Cosby had on many generations.

“You can’t speak about Black America in the 20th Century and not talk about Bill Cosby,” Martin shares in the trailer.

Director Bell talks about how Cosby influenced him early on.

“Bill Cosby had been one of my heroes,” Bell reveals in the trailer. “I’m a Black man, stand-up comic, I was born in the 70’s, but this… this was complicated.”

Bell begs the question, “how do we talk about [the beloved] Bill Cosby?”

It looks like Bell and his team on the four-part docuseries figured out a way to talk about the pressing matter. The series explores the complex story of Cosby’s life and work, weighing his actions against his indisputable global influence through interviews with comedians, cultural commentators, journalists and women who share their most personal, harrowing encounters with Cosby. Through archival footage, Cosby reveals who he may have been all along – the antithesis of the principled, public figure who became a hero, not only to African American people but to all people. Peeling back complex layers of the African American icon, We Need to Talk About Cosby, offers viewers the chance to reconsider his mark in a society where rape culture, toxic masculinity, capitalism and white supremacy is shaping how we re-evaluate sex, power and agency.

As one commentator declares in the trailer, “Bill Cosby had been leaving breadcrumbs,” all along. Watch the premiere on Sunday, January 30th on Showtime. Take a look at the trailer below.

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