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Beyonce just dropped her brand new ‘Renaissance’ album and it looks like there’s some trouble brewing. Not only was Bey’s new album leaked early but now Kelis is speaking her mind about having her music sampled on the album without her permission or knowledge.

Hollywood Unlocked reposted Kelis expressing her distaste for the entire ordeal. Initially she responded to being listed on Renaissance Sample Credits for Beyonce’s track 5 song, entitled ‘Energy,’ along side the legendary Teena Marie.

Kelis then went a step further and posted a video on her Instagram letting the Bey Hive know that she is not here for the unsolicited opinions.

And Kelis wasn’t quite done there. She posted a follow up video to vent a bit more about this whole situation.

Kelis is clearly alluding to the idea that mega producer Pharrell may be a reason why her music was able to be sampled without her knowledge. This is an issue that has been prevalent throughout the music industry for many years. There seems to be more to unpack here. Either way Kelis isn’t here for her music being used without so much as a heads up.

Source: Hollywood Unlocked, IG