Whether they used the phone, the computer or even the car, women (and men!) have found ways of tracking their partner’s actions – for better or for worse.

Relationships start with trust, build on trust, and usually end with a breaking or lack of trust. If you are already concerned your partner is cheating on you, snooping isn’t going to do anything to improve your relationship. Best case scenario, you don’t find any proof of cheating, but the damage is done because you are already paranoid anyway. Worst case scenario, your nightmares come true and he or she is cheating.

Snooping for clues really won’t tell you anything you want to know, and probably will show you a few things you’d rather you didn’t know.

The better choice? Be direct. If you’re feeling insecure, tell your partner that, in a non-accusatory sort of way, and then listen and communicate with your partner. Sometimes, fear of cheating is more your problem than it is your partner’s actions, and you just might have to look at that.

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