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An investigative reporter for the Daily Beast website has uncovered more information about what exactly happened that led to Tiger Woods’ Thanksgiving Day car accident outside his home in Florida. Gerald Posner spoke to two unnamed sources close to Tiger’s wife Elin, who claims that the couple’s argument started when she caught him in a lie. The sources say that Tiger warned Elin about the National Enquirer story about his affair with Rachel Uchitel, but insisted it was not true.  As the rumor began to spread, Tiger had Rachel call his wife to convince her that they did not have a relationship and after a 30-minute phone conversation, Elin was said to be convinced. But on Thanksgiving, after reading some of the details of the Enquirer story, Elin and Tiger began fighting about it. To end the argument, Tiger took an Ambien and went to bed, but while he was asleep, Elin looked through her husband’s cell phone and found a text to Rachel’s number that read “you are the only one I’ve loved.” She then began texting Rachel pretending to be Tiger and eventually called her. When Elin confronted Rachel, she reportedly blurted out, “oh f**k.” A furious Elin then woke up Tiger and began hitting him with her fists, and then later she chased him with a golf club. A shirtless, shoeless Tiger ran for his car, sped out of the driveway and crashed into a fire hydrant. After being taken to the hospital, Tiger was moved to an undisclosed location because Elin was too angry to let him back home.   Meanwhile, over the weekend Elin reportedly visited Tiger in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he’s currently enrolled in sex rehab. Sources say Elin is waiting for him to finish treatment before she makes a final decision about the future of their marriage.