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Due to many barriers, millions of children in the United States are unable to afford healthcare. Which often times makes it difficult for them to keep up with their dental care. Things like transportation and having a parent/guardian take them also plays a major role. This is why Nationwide has decided to take their dental care on wheels.

Reynoldsburg City Schools have opened a designated spot for dentists to bring their techniques and tools to the students. Which generally would take up half of the school day, if students were checked out of school for an appointment, now only takes one-hour and students are back to class. Pediatric Dentist Dr. Kim Hammersmith said that students actually perform better while receiving dental care in their schools, than in the office. Which she believes is due to them being in a familiar place.

With the help of grants and health resources, Nationwide Dental Clinic is able to do this work. Currently, they plan to serve 6 to 8 schools per year. They plan to double that within the next few years. Therefore donations are always welcome. To check out more information, be sure to check out their website.

By: Zara Love