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Are mistresses home-wrekers?  Rielle Hunter, mistress to politician John Edwards, doesn’t think she is!  Hunter spoke out for the first time on Oprah where she said, “I do not believe I wrecked his home.”  She claims that since the Edwards marriage wasn’t solid that she didnt wreck it beacuase it was already wrecked!

I personally think that this is the biggest crock of crap that I’ve heard from one of the many mistresses that have recently hit the media circuit.  She is delusional if she thinks that secretly sleeping with a married man and giving birth to his love child didn’t contribute to the fall of his marriage.  In her interview she states that before getting involved with Edwards she knew he was a married father but she couldn’t stop herself.  Hunter also stated, “The power of the love does override all the issues that come up,” she says. “He wanted to be with me and their marriage had problems for many years.”   When asked by Oprah of the current state of her relationship with Edwards, Hunter basically told Oprah that was none of her business.

Now I ask you, if a woman knowingly enters into a relationship with a married man is she automatically a home-wrecker?  I say YES!  No marriage is perfect but she is crazy to think that her actions didn’t affect an already troubled relationship.

Check out a clip from Hunter’s interview with Oprah and leave comments below!