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Move over ‘Girlfriends’, Lauren, Lisa, and Stacey are taking over. VH1 has been known for releasing a series of reality shows from Flava Flav to Brandy and Ray J so when I heard of a new show featuring Lisa Raye, Stacey Dash, and Lauren London I instantly thought “here’s another reality show like Tiny and Toya” but I was wrong.

Their new show will be a twist on the Sex In The City concept. Lisa Raye appeared on Shade 45 “The Morning After Show With Angela Yee” recently and she discussed how the network will be taking advantage of the series ‘Girlfriends’ going off of the air.


“It’s a black Sex and the City for us… we don’t have anything that tells our story about career and friendship and men and love and heartbreak and whatever, and being sharp and dressed nice and having our own version of bad shoes and bad bags. It’s a great cast with myself Stacey Dash and Lauren London, they covered all the bases.”