Wendy Williams is the new queen of daytime talk shows, well gossip queen at least. She is known for speaking her mind and inspiring women to stand up and feel good about themselves. But is Wendy the right person to be taking advice from? Here’s an example.


A few days ago, on the Wendy Williams show, she said the following (paraphrased because I obviously did not sit in front of the television taking dictation):

“Today is such a great time to be a woman. In our mother’s generation, women got married in their twenties, and stayed at home ironing men’s shirts. But now women are graduating from college and graduate school at astronomical rates. I think women should spend their twenties having fun, kissing boys, doing your thing, and that the thirties are for marriage. You should never get married until you have stayed in your own apartment—no parents, no roommates, you can come home, sit in your bra and panties in front of the fan. You must go on a vacation by yourself before you get married. Have fun in your twenties! Get married in your thirties.”

A rumble of disagreement and discussion ripped through the audience. They were just as confused—and perhaps just as intrigued—as I was. And as I lay in my bed in my bra and panties, I wondered:READ MORE