My friends over at The Freshxpress sent me this and I was so happy that someone addressed this topic. I have been in the nightlife business for some years now. I’ve seen many people come and go through the doors of the city’s top venues. I often said to myself, if I wasn’t making money at these events I wouldn’t be out here like that. So what’s your excuse?


Have You Outgrown the Club Scene? (I Don’t Want a Drink)

I saw myself in the club the other night. Well, not me exactly, but more so who I was.

To be completely honest I’ve outgrown the club scene. Standing around a bunch of sweaty strangers in the dark, sipping overpriced drinks and listening to loud music just doesn’t interest me anymore. I’d much rather a casual dinner or night at the movies.

Even still, journeying outside of my normal routine usually provides for an interesting experience.

Last Wednesday I found myself in the club for a work-related function. Under normal circumstances I would’ve been at the crib doing what I do best—working on a blog—but instead I was standing around a bunch of sweaty strangers in the dark. Despite my initial hesitation about going, I wound up having a good time. I ran into quite a few familiar faces that I hadn’t seen in months and it was good just being out and about for a change.

My dislike of the club scene, though, has less to do with being anti-social than it does with my decision to cut back on alcohol. See, back in the day I was that dude that was always bent in the club. In fact, things were so bad that READ MORE