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Wow!!! Watching the movie you would believe that the wife was against Frank moving that weight. Now she’s caught selling Kilos herself. Man, should we have watched a movie about her all this time?


The 70-year-old wife of 1970s heroin dealer Frank Lucas, who was portrayed by Denzel Washington in the film “American Gangster,” was arrested Wednesday (May 19) after officials said she tried to sell 2 kilos of cocaine at a hotel in Puerto Rico.

Julianna Farrait appeared Thursday in court on charges of conspiracy to violate narcotics law. At press time, she had not entered a plea, nor had she been assigned an attorney from the public defender’s office. In fact, she said nothing in court, except to request that the judge speak to her in Spanish, according to the Associated Press. A judge will decide whether to grant her bail at an upcoming hearing.

Farrait husband, Frank Lucas, was a notorious Harlem heroin dealer who was arrested in January 1975 at his New Jersey home, where police seized more than half a million dollars. Lucas was convicted that year and sentenced to 40 years in prison. He was released in 1991. Farrait served five years in that case. READ MORE ON EURWEB.COM