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Drake’s debut LP Thank Me Later is in stores today and he called in to the Madd Hatta Morning Show today to let the fans know to go out and support him. The Young Money, rapper/singer also addressed several topics including Lil Kim calling him a Punk P*ssy for defending Nicki Minaj.

On Lil Kim calling him a Punk P:

“I really don’t care… sometimes I get a lil impulsive when you start talking about the people I love. You can say whatever about me, I’ll never respond to it, like I’ll never react to it, but if you start talking about the people I love then I do get a little bit more reactive and that’s all that happened there, Nicki’s got records climbing the charts and today Thank Me Later is in stores, so it’s just about relevant people today…”

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On his relationship with Meliah Michelle:

“Meliah’s great. She’s a wonderful person who I was blessed to work and have part of the greatest video of my career to date and just an amazing person that I’m honored to know. I love her a lot. She’s dope.”

On first week predictions:

“It’s not about the specific number, You can’t tell me these young people don’t matter… Music is not dead…. You gotta connect with people… Give them a reason to wake up and wanna spend $10 on hearing your story… as far as the numbers, it’s whatever.

On visiting Lil Wayne in Rikers:

“It was sad, because today was a day I wanted Wayne with me bad. He believed in me before anybody… I miss him.. It’s sad to see him in that situation… And him not being able to record music… I can see it in his eyes, it’s a painful thing.”

Listen to the full interview below: