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Let’s be real for a second.

Shyne was NEVER a great emcee.

He had a couple of nice verses, and some okay songs.

But great emcee?


That’s why when he went to jail, I was confused by everyone being all up-in-arms like some great talent had just been locked away when, in my eyes, that wasn’t the case.

So that’s why I secretly relish every time the post-incarceration incarnation of Jamal Michael Barrow aka Shyne aka Moses Michael Leviy defecates a musical turd and puts it on the internet. It proves my original assumption about Shyne to be correct.  He wasn’t anything special.

Diddy knew that.  That’s probably why Diddy let Shyne fall without a safety net after that Club New York shooting.


Here’s Shyne’s latest tune featuring posthumous vocals from The Notorious B.I.G. (ay-yo Shyne, Diddy let you use that???) and a sample from Bob Marley’s “Sun Is Shining.”


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