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Bow Wow stars in the new Ice Cube produced movie Lottery Ticket, in theaters this weekend!

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On Lil Wayne’s advice when he visited him in Rikers:

“It was a humbling experience and one thing he told me when I went to visit him was,”

Bow, This aint for us, this aint it. This aint built for cats like us. They don’t understand us we don’t understand them.. don’t do it man, just stay out of trouble you and drizzy yall stay clean yall stay doing what yall do yall can do this forever. All of this, it aint worth it.

“I knew he meant it, cause Tune never lectures me like that but he was serious…. his spirits are high. When he gets out we definitely planning on this Young Money Cash Money Tour, myself, Nicki, Drizzy Wayne and the whole entire family.”

On his disappointing relationship with his father:

“Yeah, I know my pops…It’s not even a I hate him type of thing… it’s more of just I’m disappointed in him. You actually had the chance, there’s no reason you’re living the way you’re living… It just doesn’t make sense.

The times I’ve given him chances are the times he’s ruined them maybe if I’m on tour, I give him passes, he might come in drunk you know, cause a scene and it’s like I can’t have you around. You just cant be around like that.

I’ve put him in situations where he can make something out his life, but he just chooses to go the other way.

Anytime your father writes you a letter and spells your name wrong, you know something is wrong. It’s crazy.”

Bow Wow on what he would buy if he won $370 Million, working with Ice Cube and how he hooked up with Tyler Perry for Madea’s Big Happy Family: