The situation with Walnut Ridge and Independence High School was the Hot topic this morning and we all have opinions but little solutions.  I don’t have the answers…but we need dialog to find solutions.  Every idea and thought is important so please respond!  Here is a story according to

COLUMBUS, Ohio — A big police presence at two Columbus High Schools. It followed a weekend shooting allegedly involving two teenage boys from rival schools, 10TV’s Maureen Kocot reported.

Their football teams are scheduled to play each other on Friday, but that game has been pushed back, as the threat of violence looms.

Parents picking their children up from Walnut Ridge High School on Livingston Avenue this afternoon was greeted by a half dozen police cruisers and a low flying police chopper.

“The bullying, the trash talking – it’s bad,” said parent Rochelle Tolbert. “It’s really, really bad. It makes me want to not bring her to school but she has to get an education.”

A similar scene greeted students and parents few miles away at Independence High School on Refugee Road.

Police were keeping close watch on both schools after a shooting Saturday night at a party on Easthaven Court, and rumors of retaliation.

Police charged 16-year-old Jalay McBride with felonious assault.

McBride is accused of shooting another 16-year-old boy, Travon Angel, who was treated for a gunshot wound at Grant Medical Center.

Columbus Schools has moved the game time back to 4 p.m. from its original 7 p.m. start time as an added precaution.

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