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Well Halloween is going to be on a whole other level this year with two of the hottest costumes on the market being the Antoine Dodson costume and the Wacka Flocka mask!

The Antoine Dodson costume, put together by Antione himself, can be purchased for a mere $18.99  It comes with an Antoine custom hair wig, red bandana, black tank top & a  rolled up paper autographed by Antione himself to wave around while you sing the song.  Click here to purchase the Bed intruder costumes.

The Wacka Flocka Halloween mask is online at the Warner Brothers store and can be purchased for a bargain at $5.99  It’s a one size fits all paper mask that even shows the details of Wacka’s luxurious neck tattoos.  Click here to purchase the Wacka Flocka mask.

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