From Lemonade to Harambe here are the top 10 Instagrammed Halloween costumes of 2016

We already gave you a glimpse of all the celebs who got a head start on Halloween earlier this week and now that the festivities…

North and Penelope are quite the dynamic little duo, and we are here for all of it.

Celebrities try to make sure their kids look stylish at all times, but they usually fail, because underneath all that privilege, money, and fame, is just a cute tot wishing Halloween was every day. Even the most famous of children love to dress up as their favorite characters – and why wouldn’t they? Hitting the […]

Lion Lives Matter. You absolutely can’t pretend to be Cecil The Lion for Halloween without getting ripped a new one on social media. Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson found out the hard way when she showed off her hot new holiday costume on Instagram, along with the following caption: “Help! Can’t decide on my Halloween […]

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With Halloween falling on a weekday, celebs got a head start on masquerading and trick-or-treating this past weekend. For folks along the East Coast that…

The Power 107.5 Insiders hit the streets of Columbus to get the scoop on what the hottest Halloween costumes for 2010. You wouldn’t believe what some people are thinking of being this year. Check out this hilarious video. RELATED: Method Man Lands Role In Jamie Foxx’s New Horror TV Show RELATED: Trick Or Trea Times […]

So I’ve never been big myself on dressing up for Halloween but I sure do love looking at all of you dress up!  So I was just going through pictures from last year’s Power 107.5 Halloween party & there were some great costumes!  So we want you to vote for the hottest costume from our […]