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New Music Released This Week (Nov 27 – Dec 1):

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1. Senth – Wayyy Saucy

Source:Senth - Topic

Less than 12 months since he burst onto the global music scene with his glorious debut EP Senth Of Her, which was championed by The Guardian Nigeria, Pulse Nigeria, and Not Just OK, among others, and birthed the massive hit track ‘Dagger’ that has amassed over three million plays online, Nigerian alté and R&B sensation SENTH is back with his highly anticipated sophomore EP titled WAYYY SAUCY. Released on November 23 in partnership with EMPIRE, this new project marks a significant milestone in his forward-thinking artistic journey, and offers a testament to Senth’s evolving musical prowess. Unfolding as a richly layered narrative from start to finish, the Wayyy Saucy EP showcases Senth’s extraordinary ability to delve into the complex tapestry of human emotions, navigating through themes of love, desire, and sensuality, with his soulfully sultry vocals and deeply resonant lyrics.

Collaborating with producers from all corners of the globe including Belgian beatsmith Nanzoo, Manchester-based OracleBeats, Wavytrbl from Italy, and Maryland’s eeryskies to highlight his penchant for international flavours, Senth himself plays a pivotal role in the production process of Wayyy Saucy, ensuring that each track reflects his unique artistic vision, and rich tapestry of soundscapes. Describing the project as his process of “blossoming into full potential,” Senth takes listeners on an immersive musical journey with this record. On Wayyy Saucy, Senth crafts a narrative that transcends mere musical expression, inviting listeners into the ‘Saucy Crib’ – a world where each track becomes a journey of passionate and heartfelt experiences, told through Senth’s soulful artistry that blends his heartfelt vocals and evocative songwriting, with the rhythmic pulse of contemporary R&B and alternative music.

Wayyy Saucy features a collection of distinct singles, each resonating with its own unique vibe and story. ‘Good Morning’ is a tender love song filled with the warmth and euphoria of waking up next to a loved one, while ‘Lucy’, Senth’s favourite track on the project, and a self-proclaimed anthem for women, is perfect for any weather or mood. ‘Bend It’ represents Senth’s experimental foray into new musical realms, co-producing the track to add an extra layer of spice to the EP. ‘On My Mind’, a song he first recorded in 2021, stands out as a timeless favourite for Senth, showcasing its enduring appeal. The deeply personal ‘Deserve Better’ delves into themes of self-love and overcoming self-doubt, inspired by the transformative impact of J Cole’s ‘Love Yours’ on Senth’s journey towards self-acceptance. This EP not only highlights Senth’s growth as an artist, but also offers listeners a rich, emotive experience through his music.

On the back of his now cult-classic debut EP Senth Of Her, and massive hit single ‘Dagger’, Nigerian alté R&B singer and producer Senth has swiftly risen as a formidable force in the global music, and is firmly establishing himself as an artist who defies conventional genre boundaries to push the limits of artistic expression, transcend musical expectations, and expand the boundaries of Alté and R&B music. With his new project Wayyy Saucy, fans, critics, and new listeners alike are invited to embark on a captivating auditory journey, where Senth’s soulful melodies and evocative storytelling promise an unforgettable listening experience. The EP is an exploratory venture that sees Senth pushing the envelope in terms of production and lyrical depth, delivering a sound that is not only unique to his artistic character, but also a beacon of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of global music.

2. Chrystel – Snapchat

Source:Chrystel - Topic

Barely six weeks before she heads back to her home country Ivory Coast to perform at the African Cup of Nations in January 2024, Grammy Award-nominated Ivorian American artist, and songwriter CHRYSTEL is excited to unveil her exciting new afropop single titled ‘SNAPCHAT’, featuring Nigerian rap star Blaqbonez, and produced by award-winning afrobeats hitmaker Type A (Fireboy DML, Amaarae, CKay). Arriving on November 24 in partnership with The Orchard, ‘Snapchat’ is the first single from Chrystel’s long-awaited and highly anticipated sophomore EP that is due for release in February 2024. Written and recorded with Blaqbonez and Type A in Lagos, Nigeria during Chrystel’s last trip to West Africa, where she has been recording much of her upcoming project, ‘Snapchat’ is a carefree and flirtatious afropop offering with a heavy dose of confidence, independence, and self-assurance.

Driven by the infectious bounce of Type A’s bass and guitar-led production, held together by the inescapable chemistry between Chrystel and Blaqbonez, and underpinned by their witty songwriting, the track is an instant dancefloor filler that was crafted to make you move. Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Snapchat’, Chrystel says, “It’s about feeling sexy and having fun. I want people to feel like they know their powers when they hear it. I’ve always had an inspiring sense of self assurance, and confidence, and I feel inspired seeing other people walk their own conviction. To me, this song is like a form of self-care – knowing what you like, and liking yourself, without needing validation from others is key. Loving yourself for who you are, and who you’re becoming is so important to me”

Revered as a Grammy Award-nominated and multi-platinum selling songwriter, having written on the acclaimed Dreamville compilation album Revenge Of The Dreamers III, as well as on Baby Tate’s viral hit ‘I Am’ featuring Flo Milli, and Ari Lennox fan favourites ‘Bussit’ and ‘Outside’, CHRYSTEL is also now emerging as a fast-rising artist in her own right. On the back of her fan-favourite debut EP Prey, and her scene stealing collaboration with Ivorian producer Jeune Lio, the Atlanta-based Ivorian American native comes with over six million global streams, and critical acclaim from international tastemakers across BBC 1Xtra, Apple Music, The NATIVE, Culture Custodian, and ONE37pm, among others. Her highly anticipated next project will see Chrystel lean more into fusing her contemporary pop songwriting with afropop soundscapes from her homeland, as is evident on new single ‘Snapchat’.

Sharing what to expect from her new musical era, and upcoming new project, Chrystel says, “While I am a first generation American, I was raised in an Ivorian household, where West African traditions, influence, and culture ran rampant. Growing up, I was introduced to a wide range of music, and I quickly began to pick up on intricate sounds and melodies of the music coming from the continent. I believe that multi-cultural background is what sets me apart. My main goal for this project was to create the best music I could possibly make with the best producers coming from the continent right now. Taking elements from different sounds, cultures, and collaborators who have helped refine my sound, and making it make sense. It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. except this isn’t your first puzzle and you’ve gotten really good at it. The end result is even better than what I envisioned”.

3. Ryder & Skepta – 48 Hours


Bathed in solemn melodies and mystifying ambience, 19-year-old producer Ryder releases 48 Hours, his soundscape redefining, 5-track debut EP with Skepta, out now via Epic UK/RCA Records.

 Unequivocal in its execution, the EP allows the listener to experience Skepta’s well-known lyricism with an entirely new vividness and perspective. This is especially prevalent in the tracks “All Alone” and “For You,”which feature exclusive new bars from Skepta alongside protégé Dré Six. Accompanying the EP release is the music video for “All Alone,” featuring Ryder, Skepta, and Dré Six. Watch it HERE.

The remaining tracks on the EP are aptly dubbed ‘Skeptacore,’a phenomenon coined by Ryder whereby producers carve out refixes inspired by Skepta’s work, of whom Ryder is a huge fan. His pioneering discography caught Skepta’s attention, who wasted no time getting in contact, inviting Ryder to his studio and recording together within 48 hours and thus, the EP was born.

 Ryder, a Hull native, is leading the way in #skeptacore, showcasing his distinct ability to engineer resonant ambient interpretations. The result is a new Gen Z audience discovering Skepta’s catalogue through the young prodigy’s work. With over 15 million views across the hashtag, many are moved by Ryder’s work, sitting in anticipation of his heartfelt production.

 “My focus is on the emotion, how it makes the listener feel,” Ryder says when asked about the project.

 The 48 Hours EP projects a sense of intimacy, working beautifully in tandem with the carefully extricated bars of Skepta, who is unashamedly raw in his honesty. Collaborating with Skepta came naturally, and after producing since his early teens, Ryder is now firmly en route to formulating his distinct musical climate, cemented as one of the hottest up-and-coming artists in the music industry.

4. OMB Peezy – Le’Paris

Source:OMB Peezy

Gold-selling artist OMB Peezy releases his sophomore studio album Le’Paris – available now via Overkill Entertainment / 300 Entertainment. On the revealing album, the 26-year-old lyricist opts to open up more than ever before, using his government name as the title. The album uncovers the complex layers of his personal journey as a man and father. Written by OMB Peezy, the 16-track project was created alongside an elite group of collaborators including Kevin Gates, Tee Grizzley, Hunxho, Symba, Jdot Breezy and Peezy.

Speaking on the album, OMB Peezy explains “I’m talking about different stories in my life and what I’ve gone through. I’m telling you about the real me. This is who I am. I haven’t talked about where I come from, so I’m trying to tell the world how I feel. I’m in a space right now where I have to grow as a man. Sometimes, I get mad. Sometimes, I want to get away from the streets. Sometimes, I want to grow. Sometimes, I don’t. This is Le’Paris.”

Mobile, Alabama native OMB Peezy has created his own lane to Hip-Hop stardom by talking about the only thing that matters—the truth. After gaining the world’s attention with over 20 million streams and a successful run of mixtapes including 2022’s MisGuided hosted by DJ Drama, the 26-year-old lyricist returns with his sophomore album Le’Paris. The album is the product of a prodigious rising rap star whose natural talent as an artist has thrived from self-growth, being a father, and collaborations with music’s elite. OMB Peezy has turned a new page and now stands tall, masterfully in his craft.

5. Yetunde – Promise

Source:Yetunde - Topic

PROMISE’ is the cosmopolitan new single from Manchester-based afropop and R&B newcomer YETUNDE. Embarking on a musical journey that transcends borders, the new single from Lagos-born and Liverpool-raised Yetunde is a vibrant, cross-cultural love song that blends feel-good afrobeats rhythms with contemporary pop influences, characterized by its playful, fun, and innovative approach to storytelling and music-making. This track is a sonic embodiment of Yetunde’s diverse heritage, combining the lively spirit of Lagos with the nuanced stylings of the UK music scene. Starting with an African-inspired chant, ‘Promise’ then transitions into a chorus that showcases Yetunde’s penchant for modern pop music, creating a unique and harmonious blend that is both refreshing and familiar.

On ‘Promise’, Yetunde captures the essence of new love’s exhilarating yet chaotic nature. The song narrates the story of falling deeply for someone while maintaining a sense of self, a theme that resonates with many. Yetunde’s artistry shines through in her ability to weave these universal emotions into her music, making ‘Promise’ not just a song, but an experience that listeners can relate to and revel in. The track is not only an introduction to her artistry but also a bold statement about the evolving nature of afrobeats. Yetunde sees this genre as an ever-expanding canvas, ready to embrace new interpretations and sounds, with ‘Promise’ serving as a perfect example of her vision for its future.

Speaking about the inspiration behind her new single ‘Promise’, Yetunde says, “It’s a song about falling hopelessly for someone whilst trying to keep both feet firmly on the ground! It’s fun and playful, and represents that often messy part of when you first meet someone and want to let go completely, but you also worry about the outcome. This is a feel-good love song inspired by my roots in Lagos. It is such a lively and bustling city where music and dancing form a huge part of the culture, so for me, I want this song to reflect what love in Lagos feels like. Growing up in the UK, I was exposed to a lot of British pop music, which does influence my writing too, and I feel that ‘Promise’ demonstrates that perfectly. For example, I start the song with an African inspired chant that leads into the first verse, however by the time you get to the chorus, you can hear some of the pop influences that inspire my writing”.

In her artistic journey, British Nigerian newcomer Yetunde weaves enchanting melodies that effortlessly captivate and resonate with audiences. Her roots trace back to Lagos, Nigeria – the cradle of afrobeats music – and extend to Liverpool, the iconic home of The Beatles. This fusion of diverse cultural influences has shaped Yetunde’s distinct musical identity, blending an array of styles into a sound that is unmistakably hers. Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of legendary artists, from Fela Kuti and The Beatles to Wizkid, SZA, and Stevie Wonder, Yetunde’s songwriting prowess is marked by its versatility and depth. Her approach to crafting songs is a delicate balance between artistic expression and meticulous technique, traversing various genres with ease and finesse.

Yetunde’s new offering ‘Promise’ is a heartfelt dialogue between her inner thoughts and emotions, encapsulating themes of life, love, and longing with a subtly sensual touch. This melodic narrative is set against a backdrop of genres spanning pop, R&B, afrobeats, and even country music, inviting listeners to embark on a journey through her introspective and emotive landscape. Defying conventional labels, Yetunde’s music is an expression of her creative freedom and bold individuality. With a presence that commands attention both in the studio and on stage, she authentically melds her eclectic influences. As an ambitious and charismatic artist, Yetunde is poised to make her mark on the global music scene, unafraid to break norms and showcase her raw, unfiltered talent to the world.

6. Jharrel Jerome – Trap Pack

Source:Jharrel Jerome

Hip-hop artist and award-winning actor Jharrel Jerome releases Trap Pack – the fourth music pack in his previously announced 4-pack project titled Someone I’m Not. Following the release of Rap Pack in August, Trip Pack in September, and Love Pack in October, Trap Pack is also composed of 4 tracks, including the already released “Make A Movie.”

The release of Trap Pack completes Jharrel’s debut album project – Someone I’m Not.

Trap Pack’s four songs are fast-paced, energizing, and beg to be played on repeat. On “Make A Movie,” Jharrel exercises his natural ability as a rapper while also making a tongue-in-cheek reference to his acting prowess. For Trap Pack, Jharrel collaborated with Big Chris Humza Malik, John Marquez, and Lester London, who served as co-writers and producers on the project.

The release of Trap Pack is accompanied by an 7-minute multi-track video written by and starring Jharrel. The video was directed by Shomi Patwary.

In support of Rap PackVIBE Magazine stated that “social media was enamored with the single [“The Cycle”] and compared his ‘timeless’ flow and potential star power to Kendrick Lamar and Drake.”    

Racking up over 5.5M streams on Spotify alone with his debut release “For Real (feat. Kemba),” Jharrel continues to make waves as an artist-to-watch, garnering acclaim fromBillboard, UPROXX, BuzzFeed, Essence, and more. He followed things up with his 2022 single “Someone I’m Not,”which The FADER praised for “the beat’s soulful motions and Jerome’s punched, introspective bars.” 

This year on-screen, Jharrel starred in and served as an Executive Producer on the Prime Video series I’m A Virgo by writer-director Boots Riley.  The series was met with wide praise and adoration, reflected by the show’s “certified fresh” score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. He was soon after seen co-starring in the Steven Soderbergh MAX series Full Circle and is midproduction starring as wrestler Anthony Robles in the film, Unstoppable, from Producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.  


7. BlakeIANA – Gahdamn


Capping off a breakout year, buzzing 23-year-old St. Louisan rapper BlakeIANA unveils a brand new single and music video entitled “GAHDAMN.” 

Once again, she holds nothing back on the track. A sultry trapped-out beat brushes up against her raunchy and racy double entendre on the verses. She scores with quotable sports metaphors such as “Tatum shot I never miss” and “I’m Kobe on that court for real, put my points on the board.” The chantable chorus instantly hits hard as she grins, “I’m like ‘GAHDAMN’.”

The accompanying visual pays homage to the classic flick ATL as BlakeIANA takes over a roller rink. She invited fans to join her on Instagram and wound up turning the set into a full-blown party! Mega-producer Murda Beatz makes a cameo in the video as well.

Speaking of, she formally breaks the news of her being the first artist signed to Murda’s new label in partnership with 300 Entertainment and represented by Xyion Inc.

Co-Presidents Rayna Bass and Selim Bouab commented, “Murda is one of the most influential, innovative, and important producers in music. His ear is second-to-none. With Murda at the helm and naturally talented artists like BlakeIANA, this partnership is a win all around.”

Murda Beatz added, “From the moment I saw her on TikTok, I knew she was a star and had star presence. I introduced her to Rayna & Selim. I’ve admired the way 300 Entertainment moves and develops artists for a long time. There was no better place to partner with on the growth of BlakeIANA’s career. I’m excited for what the future holds.”

Everything follows the stunning success of the Official Remix and music video of BlakeIANA’s viral banger “Bing Bong” featuring Sexyy Red. The latter has generated over 1 million Spotify streams and 1.2 million YouTube views on the music video. Making headlines, she also spoke to TRSH Tallk for an exclusive interview in addition to delivering a standout performance of “Bing Bong” for On The Radar and interview.

8. Anella Herim – The Layover


9. BigXthaPlug – The Biggest


Buzzing rap phenom and United Masters trailblazer BigXthaPlug has reached another milestone in his flourishing career. His 2022 November-released single “Texas” (22M views via YouTube) is on the heels of its one-year anniversary and has officially earned a RIAA Gold certification. The single was released one year to date, garnering millions of views and creating viral trends across social media platforms. Now, it’s the go-to song for every Texas sports team and is at the top of every proud Texan’s playlist. 

“Texas” has continued to gain traction online and has accounted for over 115M combined streams. The RIAA Gold-certified hit made major headway on TikTok as well, resulting in more than 82K total creates. Plus, the smash single landed BigX in a number of DSP editorial playlists with over 1 million listeners as an independent artist. 

With 2023 being one of the biggest years in BigX’s career, he continues his hot streak with his latest EP, The Biggest, out now. Listen HERE. The project opens up with a sonic blend of jazz, buttery sample-based production on “Back On My BS.” From there, BigX flexes at will over a cavernous trap beat by Bandplay for “Mmhmm.” “Climate” is marked by a monumental collaboration as he joins forces with Offset and reverberates his brazen confidence on wax. Then, the Texas upstart trades verses back and forth with Ro$ama on his most recent single “02 Lakers.” “Rock  & Roll” pits his signature syrupy drawl against a modern interpolation from LilJuMadeDaBeat. BigX leans into a breakneck flow over swirling ethereal tones for “Patience,” before the closing track, “Mmhmm (Remix),” finds the Lone Star savant pairing up with Finesse2Tymes for a certified banger. 

It’s also important to note, that since the release of Texas, BigXthaPlug has achieved the following notable accolades:   

  • “Texas” has been featured in the NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB

  • “Texas” Longest running song on Spotify Viral Charts at 86 Weeks with over 25 Million Streams

  • Freshman Album Amar debuted at #4 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart

  • Amar peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers Album Chart for 4 weeks straight (May 2023) 

  • Amar received Top 10 Albums on Apple Music All Genres

  • Debut #1 Album on Itunes Hip Hop and Amazon Hip Hop

  • “Primetime” became The official song of the XFL Football League, titled “BIGXFL”

  • Placement on FastX Movie Soundtrack – Song “SupaFly” feat. BigXthaPlug, Cootie, and BiC Fizzle

  • Received personal invite from Erykah Badu to attend her birthday bash, where BigX received a co-sign from Raekwon right before getting on stage

  • Was invited to throw the opening pitch for the Texas Rangers after the MLB used “Texas” to announce new players

As an independent artist, the Dallas rapper has cemented a name for himself as one of the prominent new voices that’s here to stay. Since entering the music scene in late 2021, BigX has reached new levels of notoriety while turning down major labor deals as he sets new precedents and collects new accolades. His critically acclaimed freshman album, Amar, received ravishing reviews from industry staples and peaked on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart at No. 1 for four weeks straight. On top of it all, he’s gained support from the likes of Bun B, Shaq, Erykah Badu, Raekwon, Key Glock, DJ Akademiks, and more, to recently being brought out as a special guest by Sexyy Red. All achieved while in the midst of tearing down stages across the country on his headlining ‘Don’t Mess With Texas Tour’ and ‘Only The Generals Tour’ with Kevin Gates. Purchase tickets HERE

10. Kosha Dillz – Ceasefire

Source:Kosha Dillz

Kosha Dillz has been a Jewish voice in hip-hop for quite some time. The Israeli-American artist has navigated his way to be a battle force on shows like Wild ‘N Out with Nick Cannon but has also been creating street comedy interviews with his song “Bring the Family Home”that have generated nearly 25 million views with 9 videos across the internet; and even landed in TMZ and Daily Mail.

His latest song “CeaseFire” tackles a different issue that nearly EVERYONE can agree on, except the order of it proves to be difficult. With lines like “I aint no human shield, but I am human still” he begins to show the humanity and empathy in his artistry in what he calls “creating through the pain” of many of his friends and loved ones being personally affected by the war between Hamas and Israel. This includes friends’ family members who are kidnapped and survivors of the Nova Music Festival. 

The chorus of the song is something that makes you think before you say something. 

“You want that real fire, how bout the facts for peace?  You wanna ceasefire? Please get the facts from me. Problems I’m working on it, Solutions think I got it weapons down and no profit. Ok, release the hostage?”

Kosha Dillz is performing his new song for survivors of the Nova Music Festival in Israel this week and will return for a string of shows in the US for the holiday season.

11. grouptherapy. ft Baby Tate – Nasty (Remix)


The thrilling collective grouptherapy. returns with an explosive rendition of their breakout single “Nasty” featuring Baby Tate that is accompanied by a lyric video. The new song arrives on the heels of the colossal release of their group’s newest album, i was mature for my age, but i was still a child, which has received large critical acclaim from i-D, BET, FADER, Ebony and more and clocked in over 50 million views on TikTok alone. The electrifying collaboration with the magnetic Baby Tate further cements the trio’s status as one of music’s most promising ensembles today with their unwavering ability to thrill. Additionally, the song follows another viral hit for the trio with their track “HOT!” that reached meteoric heights online and across TikTok and Instagram after the group delivered a gripping performance of the track on the beloved On The Radar show and still growing.

i was mature for my age, but i was still a child ushered in a new era of liberation and true authenticity for the trio, which has proved fruitful in boundless ways. The striking body of work sees the group emerge from a dark period of time with a vengeance. Here, they revel in their resilience and a rediscovered sense of self and liberation with a fiery desire to no longer compromise. The result is a striking project that houses a collection of dynamic songs spanning across sonic realms rooted in radical self love and the power of their deep friendship, establishing an extraordinary world of their own creation. It’s safe to say, the project solidifies the group as one of today’s most riveting acts with an impact that will undeniably extend beyond music.

Based in Los Angeles, grouptherapy. consists of three members, Jadagrace, SWIM and TJOnline, who have been close friends and peers for over 15 years and united during tumultuous periods of their young lives. They found solace and friendship with one another while navigating the all too often murky terrain of the entertainment realm. Individually they are vast and distinct and collectively they beautifully amplify the talents of one another, resulting in an art that surpasses the confines of genre and exists unlike anything else out right now. They create from a place of love, unrelenting passion and a refreshing desire to grow and embrace the dualities that make up their DNA, producing a one-of-a-kind transformative art that not only thrills but also provides belonging to those on the margins. The young group has quickly garnered large critical acclaim from The New Yorker, Teen Vogue, i-D Magazine, Paper Magazine, Fader, Revolt, Clash Magazine, Stereogum, Flood Magazine and many more.


 “We always knew we wanted to do a remix to nasty, it was just a question of who and when would be the right fit. We put the open verse challenge up on tiktok and Baby Tate absolutely killed it so we just hit her up like, ‘…you wanna be on the song?’ It was perfectly organic.”

12. Dee-1 – Lines Drawn

Emmy-nominated educator turned entertainer, Dee-1 (@Dee1music) addresses critics and fans alike in the official music video for the Danny Beats-produced single “Lines Drawn,” following his viral interview on Sway In The Morning centered around industry hypycrosy. Filmed by Tufts University’s own Jalen Hill, a student enrolled in the New Orleans native’s “The Intersection of Hip Hop and Social Change” course, the timely track and its accompanying visual postdate Dee’s previously released album UNO. Serving as the first official leak from his forthcoming LP From The Hood To Harvard, the song is a beacon of light as unfavorable headlines engulf online media. 
“I did this song as a response to the industry being so shaken by me drawing a line in the sand and saying that we need some accountability for the messages we’re glorifying inside Hip-Hop. This is part one, there’s more on the way. A shift is happening from a genre and cultural perspective,” says the National Social Emotional Learning Consultant in a press statement to Medium Creative Agency about the release.
Award-winning rapper. educator, host, activist, business owner, and keynote speaker are synonymous with Louisiana‘s Dee-1. The Nasir “Nas” Jones Hip Hop Fellow at Harvard University is a Billboard Top 10 charting, game-changing MC with a persona to match his penmanship. He’s transitioned from being a middle school math teacher in The Boot to a Hip-Hop heavyweight with much more to accomplish. He has released 10 albums and 21 projects thus far in his career. 

Dee-1’s music is part of a bigger lifestyle movement called Mission Vision, which centers around three core principles: Be Real. Be Righteous. Be Relevant. In 2020, Dee received the prestigious NAACP “Power of Influence Award,” highlighting his community activism and commitment to inspiring the youth. In 2021, he was nominated for an Emmy Award for his work on “The Manhattan Project,” but he lost to Michelle Obama. Later that year, Dee was appointed to the “Louisiana Council for the Success of Black Men and Boys” by Governor John Bel Edwards, making him the first rapper in Louisiana history to become a governor’s appointee.

Watch the HD clip for “Lines Drawn” on YouTube and stream the single via Audiomack below. For a limited time you can purchase an advanced copy of From The Hood To Harvard exclusively on EVEN | HERE!



13. Amere Fresh – Paid The Cost

Source:Amere Fresh - Topic

Memorializing a trying year filled with character-building trials and tribulations, Amere Fresh liberates his newest body of work appropriately titled ‘Paid The Cost.’ Featuring 14 cohesive cuts including standout singles “24s,” “Transformers,” “Enough,” and “Foolish;” the self-produced collection of songs features additional vocals from Josh Adams. Centered around relatable topics such as money, relationships, and personal growth, ‘Paid The Cost’ marks the evolution of the Virginia emcee 

Serving as his fourth official studio project, ‘Paid The Cost’ follows up the previously released LP ‘Collage’ and its precursor award-winning album ‘EASTSIDE;’ a remarkable album that garnered an impressive 500k+ streams and earned him a Spotify streaming plaque. Among its standout tracks like “No More Parties In Richmond” which boasts over 100k views on YouTube, “SummerTime Flow,” “Good Morning,” and “Croaker Spot,” ‘EASTSIDE’ is a musical narrative that delves into Fresh’s experiences growing up as an inner-city youth on the eastside of the city.

Meet Amere Fresh, the dynamic recording artist whose journey through the music industry has been nothing short of inspiring. Beginning his solo career at the age of 14, Amere Fresh swiftly made waves by signing with Complex Music Group under the Universal Music Group umbrella. His early days were marked by producing for a diverse array of artists, showcasing his remarkable talent from the outset.

After parting ways with Complex Music Group, Fresh took the plunge and independently released his debut album ‘Beautiful Mind’ on iTunes in 2008. The album resonated powerfully with listeners, catapulting Fresh onto the touring circuit as an opening act for prominent recording artists such as Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, Shawty Lo, V.I.C., and Lil Webbie. This stage of his journey laid the foundation for his future successes.

A pivotal moment arrived when A’mere Fresh and his childhood friend secured a deal with M.I.H Entertainment, sharing the spotlight with acts like King Lil G. His multidimensional artistry shone even brighter as he not only exhibited his skills as an emcee but also revealed his prowess as a producer, having been a pivotal member of the production team, The Exectz. Hailing from Richmond, A’mere Fresh has continuously evolved, now finding himself under the banner of Passport Republic LLC, an independent imprint he founded. 

Press play on ‘Paid The Cost’ on your DSP of choice after the jump and expect accompanying visuals to be released soon! 

14. Yakiyn – Petty


Following its Boiler Room debut alongside song producer Trey Kams (@treykams_) and ScHoolboy Q during Kal Banx’s TDE presented LA set, Yakiyn (@yakiyn) aka Yak The Mack unloads his self-directed music video for “Petty.” If the Dallasnative looks familiar it’s most likely because photos of him modeling Kanye’s Yeezy Season 3 collection made it to the front page of GQ a few years back; fast forward to today and he’s premiering his first single of 2023 and I can assure you it was well worth the wait. 

Reconnecting with Trey Kams, instrumentalist for Burna Boy and Doechii, the track finds the fashion-forward Alternative Hip-Hop act guiding fans through a tantalizing musical journey rooted in righteous fun. The ultimate soundtrack for those looking to ignite their night with passion and allure, “Petty” is an irresistible invitation to indulge in the nonchalant side of life.

“The song embodies freedom with my words and gives an introduction to my current head space. You can be the superhero, but in someone else’s eyes you can be the supervillain and that’s okay because I’m only trying to be me. It’s me coaching myself – the only competition I see is myself. I’m only worried about what I’m on,” says the Texas triple-threat when speaking about the record’s significance in a press statement.

Born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Yakiyn‘s journey from an unknown talent to a burgeoning star is as inspiring as his music itself. His remarkable musical talent but also his commitment to pushing artistic boundaries compelled audiences worldwide to tune in to his 2022 release “STFU” which garnered 425K+ Spotify streams and landed him in DSP editorial playlists with over 1M+ listeners as an independent artist.

He is a fearless innovator, constantly experimenting with new sounds, production techniques, and visual aesthetics- gaining the approval of notable creatives such as Leon Bridges, Smino, and Monte Booker. This willingness to explore uncharted territory has earned him a rapidly growing fan base and the respect of peers within the industry.

Watch the Cordell Jomha & Mitchell Dolphin-filmed visual for YTM’s “Petty” as well as stream the official audio on your DSP of choice below via BMR / The Orchard! 

15. Wiseboy Jeremy – Do I Not?

Source:Wiseboy Jeremy

Advancing from a small town in New Jersey, Wiseboy Jeremy expresses life through his lens of the world with Hip-Hop as his chosen medium. The 21-year-old artist relays his introspection over jazz-tinged, contemplative production with a little bit of classic East Coast grit. Known for his unique ability to piece together thoughts that directly represent his peer into the lens of hope, his lyrics reside between a space of wisdom and a yearning to learn more.

Jeremy’s 2022 effort, Still Chldrn, is a meditative collection of stories painted over unquantized, Blues & Hip-Hop laced production. The year that has passed following its release, has brought Jeremy to the eyes of publications such as Pigeons & Planes (where he was named a Best New Artist), Bandcamp, Frank Ocean’s Homer Radio, Daily Chiefers, Sheesh Media & more.

Setting the stage for his forthcoming project, Pumpkin Seeds, (which will be released 1Q of 2024), Wiseboy Jeremy has now released a new video and single “Do I Not?”  “Do I Not?” is now available at all DSP’s and you can watch the video below. 

“Do I Not?” is for those lost within” Wiseboy Jeremy affirms.   “Those looking elsewhere to find the answers that they end up discovering within themselves.”

16. Masicka – Generation of Kings


Making an international impact, Jamaica-born multi-talented singer, songwriter, deejay, and leader of the next generation of dancehall stars Masicka proudly presents his new album and official Def Jam Recordings debut LP, Generation Of Kings, out today.
The 16-track epic illuminates every facet of this global phenom. From the jump, he flexes his dynamic range on the intense opener “Black Sheep.” Bells toll and strings swell, while his emotionally charged delivery takes hold on the verses. Marking their second collaboration in momentous fashion, he reteams with Dancehall superstar Popcaanfor the striking and stunning “Stars R Us.” Piano pierces a thick beat punctuated by finger-snaps as the arresting hook rings out, “Some wounds will never heal.” Then, there’s “WOW” [feat. Spice]. It layers upbeat verses atop ominous production, giving way to a chantable chorus. “Wet” [feat. Fridayy] reaffirms Masicka’s international appeal. Joined by multi-GRAMMY® Award-nominated “Melody God” Fridayy, it instantly captivates. On the track, acoustic guitar shimmers as a promise resounds, “Going under, but I won’t let you drown.” A delicate drip soaks the beat on “Waterfall” where he turns up with one final powerhouse performance to cap off the trip.
He set the stage for the album with “LimeLight.” The latter has already amassed 177K Spotify streams and counting in addition to 2.4 million YouTube views on the music video. In the wake of its release, he sat down with Quip for an in-depth interview. Kaboom Magazine raved, “Masicka leaves no room for doubt regarding his exceptional lyrical prowess, which is truly unparalleled in the industry.” Watch the official video HERE.
Prior, “Tyrant” gathered 2.1 million Spotify in addition to over 11 million YouTube views on the music video. Meanwhile, DANCEHALLMAG proclaimed, “it becomes easy to see why Masicka reiterates his given position as a young legend in Dancehall.” TIDAL hailed it among “the hottest new reggae and dancehall tracks” and attested, “Masicka wants the world to know he stands ready to safeguard its history and keep the real culture alive.”
Masicka leads the Generation of Kings now!

“Tyrant” followed the banger “Pieces” [feat. Jahshii]. The latter has notably amassed over 2.3 million total streams as well as 12 million YouTube views on the cinematic music video. In addition to plugs from the likes of Music ConnectionSt. Vincent Times, and more, Naija Remix hailed it as “a must-listen for fans of good music.”
Masicka continues to make waves. He received a YouTube Award for attracting over 1 million subscribers to his channel and over 580 million YouTube views. Meanwhile, his most recent independent LP, 438, became “Jamaica’s #1 album of 2022 on Spotify” and “the first project to spend an entire year in the Top 10 on Apple Music Jamaica.” He also emerged as “one of three Jamaican artists in Spotify Wrapped Jamaica for a Top 10 Album.”
Along the way, KAZI hailed him as “a great storyteller and a genuinely generational talent who understands what he is doing,” and GRUNGECAKE assured, “Jamaica’s Masicka is holding us down on the positivity front.”

17. LAVI$H – Seventeen (Acostic Version)

LAVI$H - Seventeen (Acostic Version) Source:WHOISLAVI$H

18. AZ – Truth Be Told

Source:AZ Quiet Money

Over the course of his distinguished and influential career, AZ has been nominated for Grammy’s, and won one for his contribution “Full Circle,” to The Firm reuniting track from Nas’ Kings Disease, which won the Grammy for Best Rap Album of 2020, sold millions of albums, created hit singles and lent his velvety voice, and street poetry to some of Hip-Hop’s most timeless music. 

It had been a decade since AZ graced fans with an album, but his long-teased sequel, Doe Or Die IIbecame one of 2021’s undeniable success stories.  Featuring appearances and production from Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, T-Pain, The Alchemist, Conway The Machine, Dave East, Pete Rock, Statik Selektah, Idris Elba, Bink, Buckwild, Kaygee, Heatmakerz, Rockwilder, and Baby Paul, Doe Or Die II was a mainstay at the top of the DSP charts upon its release. 

Now, AZ has released his new album Truth Be Told.  AZ continues to refine and update his style with Truth Be Told, which features guest appearances from Fat Joe, Pharoahe Monch and Mumu Fresh.   

“My Art.  My Perspective.  My Truth.  Truth Be Told” AZ declares.

After contributing production on both Doe Or Die and Doe Or Die II, AZ has recruited a familiar name to produce all of Truth Be Told, as the legendary, and Grammy-nominated producer Buckwild handles all of the production.  Aside from cooking up classics with AZ, Buckwild has also produced classics for The Notorious B.I.G. “I Gotta Story To Tell”, Black Rob “Whoa,” OC “Times Up,” and Organized Konfusion’s “Stress,”  and has produced for artists such as Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Diddy, Mase, Fat Joe, Big Pun, Big L, Jadakiss, The Game, Method Man & Redman, Terror Squad, Beanie Sigel, Faith Evans, Kool G Rap, Cormega, Capone-N-Noreaga, Raekwon and Little Brother.

AZ’s new album, Truth Be Told, is now available at all DSP’s.

19. MVW, TiaCorine & Lil Cherry – Tru Tru (DJ Slink Remix)


In October, MVW released, VALEEDATION, his joint project with frequent collaborator Valee, which resulted in music that could just well turn out to be the pair’s magnum opus.  The pairing continued to offer a new perspective on the unique language that he and Valee have developed through their shared artistic vision. 

Now, MVW enlists a Jersey Club global star to remix one of his year’s biggest breakout smashes with the “TRU TRU” (DJ Sliink Remix).  “TRU TRU” is a syrupy ode to female empowerment and pleasure.  When the single was originally released earlier this year, Hypebae added “Lil Cherry, and TiaCorine Praise P*ssy Power With New Single.”  MVW commented “Things have been tightened over the last few years across the world, and with one another—I feel like friendships are truly being tested.  “TRU TRU” is about giving people this psychedelic, anime, trap dream world to escape into.  That escapism feels especially important right now, and can help bring us together.” 

The ”TRU TRU” (Remix) features DJ Sliink, one of the forerunners of the Jersey Club sound, who has done remixes for Doja Cat, and worked with Skrillex and many others. This flavor of excited club energy is a unique blend and introduction for MVW’s melodically focused textures, with beautiful flute and piano arrangements. This unique melodic signature, and the incisive rap arrangements of MVW still holds its integrity in this brand new work. Overall, DJ Sliink’s remix keeps the original energy of TiaCorine’s (of “Freaky T” fame) verse and MVW’s compositions and breaks it out into a radically catchy new track. Also, K-Hip Hop sensation Lil Cherry’s whispery vocals adds intrigue throughout.

DJ Sliink took the reins as Jersey Club’s first global star by leading a musical movement. Named by his peers as “The Jersey Club King”, he has spread the genre from humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey’s DIY party spaces to international culture hotspots like London, Paris, Milan, and Japan, with mainstream attention from Pitchfork, Billboard, SPIN, Fader among others.

“I think “TRU TRU” had my name on it from the beginning!  When I decide on a record, I listen for the vocals, and the sounds around it.  “TRU TRU” exceeded the vibe check; I hope you enjoy the remix” DJ Sliink

20. Maddie Regent – Girl Of Your Dreams

Source:Maddie Regent - Topic

Rising alt-pop singer and songwriter Maddie Regent reveals her new EP, ‘Girl of Your Dreams,’ out on all streaming platforms today.

‘Girl of Your Dreams’ is a shimmery, electro-pop wonderland. Across the EP’s 8-tracks, Maddie’s dreamy vocals dance atop driving electronic beats and glittery synths. She effortlessly balances heart-wrenching lyricism with uplifting pop melodies. The EP, which was produced by her boyfriend and close collaborator Cade Hoppe, includes 5 previously released singles and 3 brand new songs: “Buy Her a Drink,” “Prettiest Please,” and “Hiding Place” (focus single).

“‘Girl of your Dreams’ is about how bad love conditions you to believe you’re not worthy of good love… so you can’t help but ruin it,” says Maddie. “It’s a cycle of toxic relationships — both with others and yourself.”

Hailing from Toronto and now based in New York City, Maddie first started making music at the age of 12. As an introverted child, music became her tool to express herself and work through her anxieties, helping her to find power in her vulnerability. After years of honing her sound, she’s found the perfect balance between escapist pop bops and raw, honest songwriting. 

Maddie first broke out in 2021 with her impressive debut EP, ‘MISS REGENT,’ which was produced by Grammy-nominated songwriting and production trio, LIONCHLD (Britney Spears, Bebe Rexha, Calvin Harris). Her song “EGO” became an instant fan-favorite with multiple viral TikTok moments. With the release of her new EP, ‘Girl of Your Dreams,’ Maddie displays her growth as an artist and songwriter, as well as her ability to transcend genre boundaries. 

21. Blxckie – Back Into It


Award-winning South African rapper Blxckie announces his global signing to Def Jam Recordings with the release of his newest single Back Into It.

Fondly known to his following as SOMNYAMA, Blxckie has continually displayed a remarkable work ethic – which is heard on countless hit records, culture shifting collaborations and at live shows; and has extended his reach to broader audiences, earning him this international breakthrough signing with renowned Hip Hop label Def Jam.
Blxckie – who spent a few months in the United States earlier this year, holds an impressive array of accolades including a South African Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Album; a nomination at the Metro FM Music Awards; five nods at the South African Hip Hop Awards; two All Africa Music Awards nominations, and a BET Hip Hop award nomination for Best International Flow in 2022.
Turning the hype up leading to the release of a highly anticipated music drop this year, Blxckie announced new music to his fans on social media this week after previewing Back Into It on stage. Continuously carving his own way and flexing his flow, Blxckie once again showcases his rap skill in this stand out single, that is laced with his signature intro tag Ye x 4, high paced verses, and a lit chorus to elevate him as he gains international attention. Recorded in Atlanta Georgia, Back Into It produced by Isaiah Kaleo, Lodoni and mathiastyner packs a punch.
Sharing his excitement on the new single and his international signing, Blxckie had this to say on joining Def Jam Recordings– “It feels incredible to be recognized by and ultimately join an international label at this stage of my career. It’s a testament to the work I’ve put in with my music over the years and drives me to go even harder in studio. Back Into It is my first drop with Def Jam, which I’m so excited to share with my fans and the world!”
Coupling his new single release with a music video directed by Shala The Unicorn, Blxckie superbly illustrates his hustle game and ability to break through borders as SOMNYAMA in Orania. 

22. Jonah Kagen – The Roads

Source:Jonah Kagen

Singer and songwriter Jonah Kagen shares his new EP, ‘The Roads,’ out on Arista Records. The 6-track EP includes recent hit singles like “The Roads,” “Pollution,” “Made Up My Mind (ft. Lily Meola),” and “18,” as well as two brand new songs, “This Life Ain’t Easy” and “Save My Soul.” The EP’s title track, “The Roads,” has seen recent momentum, climbing at US Triple-A radio, with support across 15+ stations and counting, and receiving a stamp of approval from Zach Bryan.

Jonah continues to challenge the boundaries of folk, rock, and pop with his new EP. Pairing his signature acoustic-driven sound with heartfelt musings, Jonah captures the universally relatable feeling of trying to figure life out.

“‘The Roads’ is a story of decisions and consequences,” Jonah says. “Each song represents a distinct moment in my ongoing quest to ‘figure it out’ and what those moments did and continue to do to me. Each is a road that I’ve taken that has shaped and continues to shape who I am. I hope people can find a piece of themselves in these stories, and I encourage you to listen with an open heart and an open mind. I wrote these songs to land anywhere—take them as they are, or as they are to you.”

Ironically, ’The Roads’ arrives as Jonah returns home from two months on the road. He started his US run in October with his first ever headline tour, which included sold-out shows in Charlotte and New York City, before joining Phillip Phillips as support on ‘The Drift Back’ tour. Jonah will be back on the road early next year with his ‘Save My Soul’ headline tour, which kicks off on March 18th in Kansas City. A full list of dates can be found here and tickets for all shows are on-sale today.

Embodying contrast, Savannah GA native Jonah Kagen approaches the guitar with the instinctual know-how of a jazz virtuoso, but also pens the kinds of lyrics that turn into festival singalongs. At just 23 years old, Jonah Kagen has already cut impressive figures with over 200 million global streams and 2.6 monthly Spotify listeners. An exciting new voice bringing undeniable energy and sincerity through his multifaceted sound, Jonah Kagen is one to watch.

23. Myles Brando ft. Lola Brooke & Eric Bellinger – She Ready 2

Source:Myles Brando

Canarsie singer, songwriter, and rapper Myles Brando released the first version of “She Ready” back in June. It quickly took off across the country, and additionally in the UK, Canada, and throughout Europe, accumulating over 2 million streams on Apple + Spotify plus over 500k views on the music video. Recently this month, we launched an open verse challenge on social media to gear up for this release. It exceeded expectations, with over 1 million impressions in the short period of time since its inception.

“She Ready 2” now has Myles calling on Lola Brooke, Eric Bellinger, and Byron Messia to add all their different styles and abilities on one reloaded version. The record starts 1 with a powerful horn progression and Lola showcasing her raw, gritty vocals with Myles following her up. It then heads to the West Coast with Eric Bellinger, and closes out with Byron Messia giving us a trip to Kingston. This is truly a world record with the incorporation of Jamaican steel drums, to the ad-libs, and the horn section.

Coming from a Haitian household exposed Myles to a wide array of music at an early age, with his parents discovering his passion for music at two years old. He would go around his house singing everything from Kanye and Adam Levine to Alicia Keys. Fostering this talent, Myles’ aunt encouraged him to audition for the Young People’s Chorus of NYC where he performed at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and The MET. From there he went on to be accepted into the vocal studio at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts where he further honed in on his vocal training. Currently he’s enrolled at the Roc Nation School of Music at LIU-Brooklyn.

Myles shares, working with Lola [Brooke], Eric [Bellinger], and Byron [Messia] on this reloaded version, “Words can’t express how proud I am of myself and how grateful I am for the faith and support around me. A big shout out to the team, family, Lola, Eric, and Byron for contributing to the remix. Thank you!.”

The sky is truly the limit for this budding artist from Canarsie. He’s not playing into any gimmicks or antics, and just letting the music shine through for what it is. With his raw singing ability combined with his ability to find a pocket to rap, shows his true versatility as an artist.

24. Izzy Spears – Serena

Genre-defying cultural force Izzy Spears unveils his provocative, grunge-pop single “Serena,” released via Godmode. Simultaneously, Izzy announces the upcoming release of his highly anticipated sophomore EP, M*A*D (out Dec 15th). M*A*D, an acronym for Miss American Dream, promises a groundbreaking exploration of boundless creativity, while examining the innate nature to chase the American Dream through an unconventional lens.
“Serena,” according to Izzy, “represents the embodiment of Miss American Dream herself.” In this single, Izzy delves into the universal struggle between the highs and withdrawals of various pleasures, whether it be drugs, love, or any pursuit that satiates one’s deepest desires. The track’s mesmerizing bassline and seductive melody create an allure that resembles the intangible, capturing the essence of being obsessed with the chase but never reaching fulfillment. 
The accompanying music video, directed by Rick and Claire Farin of Actual Objects, follows Izzy as he pursues Serena, crawling towards her through a surreal scene of mud and grime. Viewers follow Izzy as he moves closer and closer to Serena, barely grasping and stumbling forward. As he gets closer to her, we see back and forth between moments of withdrawal and moments of high, the visuals becoming more and more feverish — until Izzy reaches Serena, where she opens her mouth and Izzy falls down into her depths. 
Drawing inspiration from diverse musical influences like Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, and Funkadelics, Izzy Spears infuses “Serena” with a bold and fearless energy. The single is a testament to Izzy’s commitment to challenging societal norms, and offering a unique perspective on the pursuit of pleasure. “Serena” follows Izzy’s latest single “New Normal” (Nov 2023), which shines light on the ups and downs of relationships as they flip from from obsession to paranoia and delusion (watch the official video here).
Izzy Spears emerged onto the scene in 2019 as a member of Anonymous Club, a collective curated by fashion designer and musician Shayne Oliver. In November 2022, he released his debut EP Monstar, which garnered acclaim from Pigeons and Planes, Office Magazine, PAPER, and more, as well as landing placements on Spotify’s Anti-Pop, New Music Friday, and the cover of Fresh Finds. Following his debut European and U.S. tour with platinum-selling artist Yves Tumor, Izzy graced the Boiler Room stage in New York City (Sept 2022), offering fans a tantalizing preview of his unreleased music and debut EP. With opening support for Dorian Electra and features on covers of Office, GAYLETTER and more, Izzy Spears continues to carve a distinctive space in the cultural landscape.
Stay tuned for more from Izzy Spears as he continues to invite audiences to embrace the unconventional, and celebrate the raw, unfiltered essence of his ‘Izzy World.’

25. ODUMODUBLVCK – Eziokwu (Uncut)


Rising Nigerian artist and rapper ODUMODUBLVCK (pronounced “O-doo-moh-doo-black”) – who’s ode to Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice went viral earlier this summer and just recently took home ‘Best Rap Single’ honors at The 2023 Headies – reups and recharges his acclaimed 2023 mixtape EZIOKWU with the brand new (UNCUT) Deluxe Edition out now via NATIVE Records/Def Jam Recordings. He reignites the project with seven new tracks, including top-tier features by Black Sherif, Masicka, Teni, and more.

Among the added material, the opener “ABUJA PEOPLE” [feat. Deco Suave] layers a chantable chorus atop a shuffling beat and funkified bass line. Deco pulls up for a hypnotic harmony. “HOTEL LOBBY” [feat. Anti World Gangstars] hinges on ethereal synths as a soulful hook hovers over the soundscape, as ODU uses this posse cut to introduce the global audience to his rap crew. “BADMAN BOUNCE” [feat. Reeplay & Duncan Mighty] pins his smooth flow to danceable Afrobeats drums. Meanwhile, Reeplay and Duncan elevate the track as an invitation rings out, “How low can you go?” ODUMPDUBLVCK flaunts his high register on “MINIMAL FUSS” [feat. Boj]. During “A1 PERICO” [feat. Nasty C & Mizzle], an eruption of 808s complements a rapid cadence as Mizzle warns, “You woke up a demon again.” Then, there’s the energetic “NO PROTOCOL” [feat. Teni & Masicka], which instantly captivates. Finally “WOTO WOTO SEASONING” [feat. Black Sherif] spikes a head-nodding beat with electric guitar, anchoring the unshakable simmering groove.
Meanwhile, the original EZIOKWU has occupied #1 in Nigeria on streaming and radio for four weeks and counting. The single “BLOOD ON THE DANCEFLOOR” [feat. Wale & Bloody Civilian] also continues to hold strong in the Top 20 of the Billboard Afrobeats Songs Chart. Plus, it vaulted to #11 on the UK chart and #7 on the YouTube video charts. Inciting critical applause, HYPEBEAST proclaimed, “The Lagos-born musician was raised in Abuja, Nigeria, and has been one of the most exciting voices out of the country’s capital in recent times.” Billboard named the single “MC OLUOMO” among “Afrobeats Fresh Picks of the Month” and described it as “invigorating.
In his native language Igbo, EZIOKWU translates to “The Truth, and this moniker proves utterly apropos when it comes to these 14 tracks…
On the record, ODUMODUBLVCK threads together open-hearted lyricism with an organic hybrid of floor-moving Afrobeats and future-facing R&B spiked with grime—which he personally dubs “okporoko rhythms. It’s honest. It’s raw. It’s real. It’s EZIOKWU.
He set the stage for the mixtape with the single “MC OLUOMO.”Beyond tallying north of 2.8 million Spotify streams and 891K YouTube views on the music video, it earned widespread critical acclaim. NOTION praised how “‘MC OLUOMO’ flips ODUMODUBLVCK’s script.
Meanwhile, his collaboration with Adekunle Gold, “Wrong Person,” has gathered north of 2.5 million Spotify streams to date. He also made headlines for his recent “On The Radar” freestyle, delivering a border-crossing performance over the beat of Skepta & Nafe Smallz’s “Greaze Mode.” Watch it HERE.
THE TRUTH is here, thanks to ODUMODUBLVCK.

The artwork painted by British-Nigerian designer and artist, Slawn is an original piece painted on canvas depicting ODUMODU in introspection, encapsulating a profound moment of self-validation. The image captures ODUMODU’s gaze turned inward, seeking affirmation from within, a realisation that the wellspring of approval must come from himself alone. Multiple iterations of his persona coexist harmoniously in the portrayal, emphasizing that every facet is authentically him. This convergence serves as an embodiment of truth – the undeniable reality that regardless of the various facets, they all comprise the essence of ODUMODU.

Fresh off starring in the recent NOCTA x Nike collaboration, the Nigerian drill scene’s most exciting and pioneering voice returned this Spring with the record-breaking single “DECLAN RICE” (37.7M+ streams globally, Nigeria’s biggest all time week 1) which debuted at #27 Billboard U.S Afrobeats Songs chart and was used as the official announcement audio in the Arsenal Declan Rice announcement. His deep, intentional lyricism on earlier singles including “Picanto” and “DOG EAT DOG II” have garnered a swell of support from titles including Dazed, Crack, The Line of Best Fit, Wonderland, GUAP, Dotty and Remi Burgz on BBC 1xtra.

26. Flo Milli – Never Lose Me

Source:Flo Milli

Alabama’s very own princess of rap Flo Milli releases her new single “Never Lose Me” (listen HERE)and an alternate version featuring Lil Yachty (listen HEREvia RCA Records. “Never Lose Me” is not only an anthem for the ladies, but an affirmation of self-worth, confidence and loyalty. 

The new single(s) come on the heel of her latest releases “BGC”and “Chocolate Rain” and will all appear on her highly anticipated second studio album Fine Ho , Stay coming soon. 

Alongside the “BGC” single drop, Flo also pulled out all the stops for the music video  watch HERE. The video was directed by Boni Mata and is reminiscent of the early 2000s, complete with friend group dance montages, makeovers, and a pillow fight – with cameos from Maiya The Don and more. A reminder that sometimes a girls night is exactly what you need, Flo Milli makes it so you can not help but want to be a part of the BGC.  

Flo Milli has been busy wrapping up her Thanks For Coming Here, Hotour that stopped in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and more. She was also a part of XXL’s first-ever all female cypher, curated by Latto, that also included Monaleo, Maiya The Don and Mello Buckzz – watch HERE. Flo’s currently gearing up for the release of her second studio album Fine Ho , Stay, which is set to release at the top of 2024. The project will also include recently released tracks  “BGC,” “Chocolate Rain” and “B.T.W”  to help tell the story that wraps up the final part of this music trilogy Flo has created.

27. Flo Milli ft. Lil Yachty – Never Lose Me