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Twitter Loved Adrien Broner's Hilarous Post-Fight Comments

Source: Bill Tompkins / Getty

Problematic boxer Adrien Broner gave Twitter a few chuckles over the weekend.

Following his disputable unanimous victory over Jovanie Santiago Saturday night (Feb.20), Adrien Broner didn’t waste time reminding boxing fans just how ridiculous he is. Broner, who at one time was considered by some the next Floyd Mayweather, has seen his once-promising boxing career become a joke mainly of his own doing and his behavior outside of the ring.

While many boxing enthusiasts have become tired of Broner, they still tune in, mainly to see him eat his words and get his ass handed to him and for his always hilarious post-fight comments. We are happy to report that following his victory over Santiago, he did not disappoint.

During the interview, Broner revealed that coming into the fight, he only had $13 to his name, but his victory changed that because he secured a $13 million purse. When asked what’s next in his future, Broner had some hilariously interesting comments.

“It is a different AB,” Broner opened up. “What happened was, I only had $13 coming into this mother fucking fight. We done flipped that into about $13 million so some things gonna change. I ain’t gonna lie, for the rest of the weekend, we gonna pop bottles cash checks and have sex. But on Monday, it’s back to kicking ass and hitting bags though. Real talk.”

As expected, Twitter immediately said Broner is back to his ridiculous ways, despite the boxer claiming he is on some new energy. It also allowed Twitter to relieve some of the boxer’s other problematic press conferences and interviews. You gotta give it to Broner, he may not be consistent in the ring, but when a microphone is put in front of him, he never lets us down.

You can see the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Bill Tompkins / Getty

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We don’t know what fight those judges were watching.


Hilariously amazing and, of course, problematic. 


Not much you can say about that comment. 


The man is a consistent douchebag. 




Classic AB.




It’s commentary for us, lol. 


Another classic moment. 


Pure jokes.