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A Gallery Of Black Folks On Instagram Showing Off Their Beloved Fur Babies

One of the sweetest additions to the American home is a domesticated animal. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 38.4% of households in the U.S. have pets in the home. Lassie, Buddy, Marley, and even Scooby Doo have built such a cultural presence, we can basically consider each four legged comrade as an extra family member. Like the the afore mentioned titles, most famous pets don’t belong to an African American family.  In fact, Black households with loving pets are undeniably misrepresented. No worries, we’re going to highlight Black pets today! Cat and dog lovers, this one’s for you.

Not all of us keep dogs only for security or leave food out for the neighbor hood stray.  36.9% of African American households have pets, and while this may be the lowest rate of overall pet ownership in the U.S., the relationship we have with our fur babies is something you’ve just got to witness yourself.  Watching people treat animals like family and seeing human-like reactions from pets is hilarious, heartwarming, and entertaining. Shout out to the Black, pet owner community, keep on giving us this adorable content we love to see!

Furrrociously Adorable: A Twitter Gallery Of Black People And Their Pets  was originally published on

1. Arisa The Groomer


Ever seen a dog who’s hair is laid?

2. Celine Poochy Pooch


Real life shrinkage.

3. Princess Mia The Chihuahua


Tiny little love.

4. Kazu And Kumo


Doggy pedi’s, so sweet!

5. Milo And Noah


Family meeting with Milo, Mowgli, and Moosen.

6. Life of Loki


Look at this bad azz giant schnauzer!

7. Guac Loving Ferret


Don’t see many black people with pet ferrets.

8. Princess Bonnie


Bougie fur babies are always hilarious.

9. Kev and Monty


Potty training is process. Trust it! 

10. Zoie and Kodi