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Hennessy is either a preferred choice for those who partake of the brown (we like it around this way) or the bane of someone’s existence due to a bad night of too many Henny and Soda cocktails. The leading cognac brand found itself trending on Twitter due to an observation made by a Twitter user over Lil Wayne’s physical appearance and blaming the liquor for his looks.

“Lil Wayne only 38? Yawl better put that Hennessy down,” tweeted @cactijuicc on Thursday (July 8). It isn’t known what moment inspired the tweet but the Young Money honcho and Nicki Minaj had a late-night Instagram Live chat in where the Queens rapper bumped into a discussion with the New Orleans wordsmith about what his favorite sexual position was, which prompted some chatter from fans online.

Still, the story at the moment is Hennessy catching strays because of Lil Wayne and many online have reminded the Twitter user that Henny isn’t typically the drink of choice for Mr. Carter and some have pointed to his heavy smoking habit and use of lean as a result of him looking less than he should. There have been some rather artful replies tp @cactijuicc’s tweet, including one we’ll feature below ahead of getting into the wider reactions.

“You skipped lean, xans, cocain, weed, work exhaustion, and 50 percent of all women and came straight for my sh*t huh?,” wrote @genreraps in a quote tweet. That tweet has been followed by countless others who have expressed that Hennessy doesn’t have anything to do with Lil Wayne.

Check out those reactions below.

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