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For those who have been paying attention, there have been hints of a battle brewing between Lupe Fiasco and Royce Da 5’9 and now we have audio to back it up. The (former?) podcast partners and longtime colleagues have fired off diss tracks at each other and fans online are debating the finer points of both.

Fans of The Lupe & Royce Show podcast might be familiar that Lupe has taken several slight digs at Royce but they were always considered to be playful and sarcastic. However, it appears that the Chicago rapper’s brash ways got under the skin of his Detroit counterpart, especially on the topic of who is the best rapper between them. Back in June, the pair were on Instagram Live debating their merits as elite rappers. Lupe stated back then that the only person who could claim the title is the winner of a global MC challenge, which Royce didn’t think was an accurate measure of that distinction.

Earlier this month, others joined the Instagram Live fray such as Mickey Factz, Loaded Lux, and Murda Mook among others, all discussing the battle. In that discussion, Nickel Nine called Lupe out of his name, and then it went off the rails from there. This has culminated in Royce firing the first diss track titled “Silence of the Lambda” over a track from a past collaborator in Carlos “Six July” Broady on Wednesday (July 21).

Lupe fired back on Thursday (July 22) with “Steve Jobs: SLR 3 1/2” with production with longtime ally, Soundtrakk.

Just to make it clear, we’re big fans of both of these swordsmen so we’re not picking sides. However, the debate is heating up on Twitter and we’ve got those reactions below.

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