Monday at the Toure Designs Fashion show featuring fly girl, Teyana Taylor‘s new clothing line,  witnesses say that, Tahiry Jose  (who was scheduled to walk in the show) was rushed to the hospital after she was brutally beaten. The Love and Hip Hop television star allegedly got into an argument with a man who goes by the name of Carlos Gonzales and was […]

Joe Budden is infamous for switching up spouses like clockwork, and he didn’t even get to settle in with his latest one too well before things went horribly awry. Joe Budden’s latest romance, a bartender named Audely, recently reported that Joe viciously beat her over photographs he found to be incriminating. Via TMZ: – See […]

Frank Ocean's Cousin Sues Chris Brown His Thug Beat Me to a Pulp

The Power Morning Crew’s official video for “Michigan Can’t Hold Us Back”….Look at the video below and turn up!!!

So this boy calls his mom a “B**CH” and his father gives him a beatdown and does this to his face.  This has been a hot topic on our social networks so we want to ask you.. DID HE DESERVE THIS FOR DISRESPECTING HIS MOTHER OR DID HIS DAD GO TOO FAR? Answer our poll […]

I Would Beat The Crap Out Of Kim Kardashian.. She Got Famous From Sucking D**k: Ronda Rousey Of The MMA

A father beat to death with his hands a man who tried molesting his 4-year-old daughter

<strong>Teddy Riley</strong> says that his kids are just spoiled brats... <!--more-->