There are two new red-light cameras up and running on Columbus’ far east side.  Police say the cameras were turned on overnight at Broad Street and Taylor Station Road and at Main Street and McNaughten Road. If you are photographed running red lights at those intersections you will get a warning letter for 30 days.  Tickets and $95.00 […]

The warning period is over for a red-light camera on Columbus’ north side.  Police say the camera at Busch Boulevard and Shapter Avenue will now be issuing tickets to you, if you’re caught running red lights.  Warnings had been issued for the past month.  The fine for running a red light on camera is 95 bucks!! […]

First off if you don’t think celebrities get high then you are seriously mistaken. But, one thing you want to try to do is not get high on camera. Ya boy Ne-Yo didn’t get the memo and was on camera blowing smoke. Ne-Yo recently shot the video for new Rick Ross-featured single, “Super High.” In […]