Kim Kardashian has proven time and time again that she knows how to bring in the coin honey! She continues to do so with her line of shape and loungewear, Skims. Recently, the reality star turned fashion maven has released an exclusive collection with the iconic brand, Fendi and continues to break the internet with […]

The king and queen have arrived!! Jay Z and Beyonce look stunning in their brand new commercial for major jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. But the real tea isn’t how amazing the musical couple appear, but the Basquiat painting that is featured has stolen the show! Beyonce posted the photo onto her Instagram page Sunday […]

At this point, you can’t do anything but respect LeBron James. Aside from being a powerhouse on the basketball court, LeBron is an all around charismatic talent. From acting in commercials and movies, to helping educating our youth and preparing them for better futures, the man is truly unstoppable. With that being said, LeBron continues […]

Days after Tom Steyer and friends “backed that azz up” on stage with Juvenille, the billionaire activist is ending his Democratic presidential campaign. Steyer, who poured millions into his campaign, finished far behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in South Carolina’s primary. During his speech, Steyer said that running for president and meeting Americans across […]


  LifeCare Alliance has announced that it is in dire need of fans! The organization has reached out to the community and is asking for your help to keep your neighbors cool. The organization delivers fans to the less fortunate and infirm during the summer! Unfortunately they have run through the surplus of fans on […]

The 614

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and that means many businesses will be bustling with moms and families. Restaurants will be booked for brunch, mantles will be lined with greeting cards and vases will be overflowing with flowers. Sunday, May 12th is officially Mother’s Day. But some moms will be forced to celebrate behind bars. The […]


The Ohio Department of Transportation and their partnership with The Ohio Chapter of the American Pediatrics have developed the “Put A Lid On It!” campaign. In the state of Ohio, bicycles are considered vehicles that carry the same rights to roadways as a moving car. In an effort to ensure the safety of children and […]

Despite all his distracting legal drama, 21 Savage remains a stand up entertainer with a caring heart who wants to consistently give back to his community. He is giving back in a major way with the 21 Savage Bank Account Campaign. The campaign is an initiative with goals to teach and influence teens about financial […]

The 614

 While most people in the city will be focused on the National Urban League Conference at the Convention Center going down 1st thru the 4th, in other areas of the state The president will be traveling to Ohio this Saturday.A Republican source confirms that President Trump will be speaking at the Delaware County Fairgrounds.The president will […]

Jeff Johnson says, despite our loss, black & latino voters should be proud that they turned out in great numbers, even in cases when they weren’t particularly excited about the presidential candidates at all. He then proceeds to explain some of the major wins that were still scored on election night, such as Kamala Harris […]

  #bigbinkshow Get Out and Vote tomorrow!!!!  Pools open up at 6:30!!!  If you don’t know where to go, here is the list!!!  No Excuses!!!  

#bigbinkshow Have you Voted yet?  According to reports, 24.4 million people have already early Voted (in 38 states) which is awesome but the African American Votes are down…Make sure you get out to Vote and make a difference for Columbus! Other reports are saying that Donald Trump approximately has a 5 point lead over Hillary […]